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  • Re: Ads for IOS

    My banner ads from admob and rewarded ads from chartboost are also not showing up.

    Its probably a Gamesalad issue.

    Use the blue button and tell support that ads are not working.



  • Re: iPhone X support mandatory from April?

    Here’s the most complete info I’ve been able to find on the new guidelines.

    Handy reference for screen resolution, aspect ratio, etc...

    The narrow width of the iPhoneX seems like a real design hassle.

  • Re: Brutal Brutalness - A Heavy Metal journey

    Have really enjoyed it so far!

    I am a huge fan of the art work! and the all the effects that go on.

    Best of Luck,

  • Re: Most ads not showing

    The banners are working now, that was an error on my part.

    But the Rewarded Video is a problem... happening even in apps that haven't been updated. Regular interstitials from ChartBoost are working, just Rewarded are broken.

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.88 is available (More Stable High Sierra Build)

    @Two.E said:
    What a mess this is becoming. So much so, that I can't see making it to the end of the month.

    Honestly I have had few problems in the last few months with creator but I was doing some prototyping and found I could not drag an actor from the actor list into the scene? The most odd thing. I restarted creator and it only worked for awhile. Deleting images and replacing them may have something to do with it?

    Gave up on it.

  • Re: Tutorials and Free Stuff from Jamie_C

    Thanks for your delicious recipes...!

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.88 is available (More Stable High Sierra Build)

    @Two.E said:
    Yet every new build adds more bugs than it fixes.

    I don't even bother wasting my time messing with GS at this point.

    I'm still waiting on the sidelines living under the delusion that a version will be delivered that works properly.

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.88 is available (More Stable High Sierra Build)

    What a mess this is becoming. So much so, that I can't see making it to the end of the month.

    I have to switch between versions.

    .88 fixes the scene. attributes bug which is a big bug since things get reset or do not stay affected.

    BUT, I can't edit actors that have been placed on the scene. Since the properties are smaller than the image of the actor. I have an actor that is 100 x 100. Yet to move it, I have to click the button corner only since it will not recognise a click anywhere else. And when I finally find the touch point, the properties is shown at 20 x 20 as an example.

    So then I switch back to .55
    This works fine providing I don't use scene or camera attributes.
    I can also zoom and edit scene actors perfectly fine.

    That is for just editing an actor.

    You don't have a build that allows me to edit sizing and positions of actors on a scene!
    Its becoming quite frustrating that I use the software for 5 mins and find so many bugs. Yet every new build adds more bugs then it fixes.

  • Re: GooglePlay APK Upload failed

    If you don't want to use their "signig process" , you can unsign from it only when you delete concept of app from google play, then add new app and don't click to accept their signing process and you can use your keystore. I did that last week when i was preparing my next app for testing .

  • Re: How to have a turret track like in tower defence games?


    added to the good advice already given, here a couple of suggestions from me:


    As the number of enemies and turrets grow, the amount of checking needed will grow drastically.

    Some pointers to help with performance:

    Have a table, every enemy is represented by a row, every turret by column. Referenced by a self.ID. Reuse rows/columns as enemies die and new ones get added.

    Update the enemy positions every draw cycle.

    Let the enemies (not the turrets) check their distance to every tower and write these values to the table. This can be done for all towers in one "Change Table Value" behavior with multiple Column Value updates.

    Furthermore, only perform the distance check in one enemy per draw cycle, not all of them. this means that even for 30 enemies on screen, the range targeting is accurate to with in a second, their position info however is always precise.

    This allows for minimal code per cycle, yet quite up to date values.

    With the distance values in the table, each turret can now use a loop (with loops per cycle set to 20 or more) and the very fast TableSearch function to find the closes enemy. This way, even with a large number of enemies, on average, only a relatively small amount of rows will actually need to be processed as you block step through the table.

    Even better, work with a grid based system. Thus reduce your distance values based on the grid value, i.e. instead of an enemy being 236 pixels away, declare it as being 3 grid tiles away. Now, lets say your turret range is 4 grid tiles, you will only need to do a table search for any enemies 1 grid tile away. If any are found you are done, if not repeat for 2 grid tiles away, etc. This way you only loop a maximum times relative to your turret grid tile range, or less.

    Enemy hit detection:

    Be mindfull of how you do the hit detection on the enemies. As soon as enemies bunch up or are shot at at a shallow angle, you will run into a situation where either, the wrong, or multiple enemies get hit by a projectile. So you will have to come up with a way to handle this. Preferably as part of your early design. How you will implement this will depend on the type of special artillery you will include later (area of effect, slow effects, dots, etc.). This will probably be your hardest problem to solve.

    Closest enemies logic:

    Something else to consider early on is exactly how you want your targeting to work, or do you anticipate implementing multiple options.

    The simplest is of course "always fire at the closest enemy".

    Another method is "focused fire" on one enemy until that enemy is out of range. This is the most common and most logical in tower defense games.

    Yet another may be, target the weakest enemy.


    As you can see, you have taken on the challenge of doing one of the hardest genres, from an optimization point of view.

    Since all the above implementations are closely related in how they dictate the coding approach, it is very difficult for anyone to give specific and useful piecemeal advice to this on the forums. :)