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  • Re: Can GameSalad make a game similar to Uncharted

    @pHghost said:
    @Toque Catching on ledges in 2D games, think of Prince of Persia.

    Absolutely doable!

    @pHGhost - You just brought back a lot of memories with that one bud. Prince of Persia is the BEST analog side scroller ever created. Hands down! At least for a PC.

  • Re: Best Way to Do an Endless Side Scroller

    @kevincross Yeah I was wondering about lag in such a long scene. It seems to be working out for @ericzingeler if he is on his 3rd side scroller with the method. I'm now having luck using wrap x on the scene and leaving my hero stationary on the X axis.

    Now I'm working on recycling actors for pickups and enemies/obstacles. Actually, right now I'm stuck on how best to destroy/hide bullets/weapons without them wrapping around.

    My scene is 480px wide. My bullets are 10px wide. So my thought was to destroy/hide the bullet when it reaches X = 475px. That works. But when I go wild and loose 5 or 6 bullets, 1 or 2 break through that rule somehow and wrap around. Then eventually, at random, will destroy the next time or maybe the 2nd or 3rd time they wrap around. Weird. Any ideas?
  • Re: Question about copyright images

    @jasonrmohanlall said:
    Thank you guys I took everything into consideration I will modify my character even more. and I will do a search on copyright. Thanks again.

    Have fun with it. Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  • Re: Question about copyright images

    Lots of stuff on the net about Avoiding Copyright Infringement. Do a quick search, well worth looking into

  • Re: Question about copyright images

    Sometimes I have to step back and ask "why does it look have to like Mario?"

    If you have a good answer that's fine.

    But it's really cool to come up with something original. Totally different.

    There are lots of marios in the App Store without much fuss from myomotto.

  • Re: Question about copyright images

    @jasonrmohanlall said:
    it kind of looks like a character that is copyrighted

    What is kind of? If it looks exactly like the character but just with different feet, than that's not different enough. Why not edit the character even further, to have a unique look?

  • Re: how to change background image to another in level select

    And the benefit of finishing the whole scene first before making the further ones, is that you will get more familiar with GameSalad and then can do it the way @Toque suggests -- which is a lot more concise and a step further on the ladder of working with GS logic. If you know what he is talking about, do it that way to start with. But if you are a bit confused what he means, play with GS a bit more before that. Mess around, explore.

  • Re: how to change background image to another in level select

    Adding more scenes won't make the game considerably larger. That is only images, sounds, etc.

    A new scene is basically a text file, so very small.

    In terms of the logic, to begin with, having three scenes is the simplest. You simply have the scenes with the background and three buttons changing to the correct scene.

    If the gameplay is the same in each scene, make one scene only first with all the logic. Then copy the scene two more times when it is done and change the background for each.

  • Re: Walls Not Solid? Dragged Character Passes Through Wall Actors

    Check out my video series on the gamesalad physics engine.

  • Re: I want to make a "next in line" actor to show next actor in the queue

    Yay! That's kind of you but I don't have any games that are still available on the app store. I've done a lot of GameSalad consulting over the years to help people build their apps but haven't published much. There are many more talented people here than me... I'm often in awe. And yes, feel free to ask questions here... that's what the forums are for. I may or may not have time to help but it's likely someone will answer you.