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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    Hey @adent42 , @ForumNinja I was wondering if you will add tile sheets while developing the web version? since you have snap to grid in mind would work perfect with it.

  • Re: Read: Tables for Enemies in Tower Defense

    I've never seen anyone come up with a really viable tower defense system in GameSalad. A few have come up with some clever solutions, but I've never seen anyone crack the problem. Including the paid templates.

    I think you're treading new ground if you solve this. First thing to ask, though, is how are the locations of the enemies being tracked? You need to know how far each enemy is from each tower. First thing I'd try would be to have each tower's position be placed in a table, and have each enemy constantly checking this table and comparing these positions to their own position. If the enemy finds itself in range of a tower, it places itself in a table column dedicated to a particular tower. The tower checks the table column and any time it finds something in it, it shoots at that location.

    This is just vague speculation, though - I've never put any real thought or effort into solving this problem.

  • Re: Finally, our first game is released!

    Congratulations ! :) just played it and rated , its fun , adding sound effects and music can make it more interesting though. Good job and wish you the best

  • Re: Circular/Ellipse Movement in Gamesalad

    @Socks you are a legend mate, thanks :)
  • Re: Circular/Ellipse Movement in Gamesalad

    I'm going to guess that your error is caused by self.time. I don't think self.time can be changed; it's automatically done by gamesalad. Make a new attribute called Timer2. Use domenius's timer to say that every .05 seconds or so, change Timer2 to Timer2+.05 . Use Timer2 now instead of self.Time.

    For a diagnosis, because self.time is constantly changing, when you change self.speed to 0, the expression became the sin(-35). When it became 100 again, the expression made sense again, so it jumped to the position it was supposed to.

    Hope this helps! :D
    So since self.time is constantly accumulating, and justifies part of the actor's movement since self.time in the equation. If the actor pauses, the timer still accumulates, so when the actor moves again, it goes to a specific position based on what the timer would be at that time?
  • Re: Out now for Android "Epic Bounce"

    @freneticz said:

    @-Timo- said:
    are you going to publish it to the App Store? good luck with it!

    Yes i will and thank you :)

    Good to hear. Will try on iOS.

  • Re: Screen misaligned after device wake up (Android BUG) My solution

    @Icebox said:
    The good thing they will add more features and fix bugs much quicker after its done . . .

    We've been hearing that for years, I really hope it's true this time, but the sensible part of me takes it all with a grain of salt.

  • Re: Screen misaligned after device wake up (Android BUG) My solution


    ...and this is why I figure, **** it, I'll be moving - I want to publish to Steam anyway - mobile market seems to be saturated / 99 out of 100 games just can't get visibility, but still would have published to all markets, including mobile - but STILL this? - nahh... forget it.

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    They are beautiful and I have used them in my space games before. (And they are free!! )

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    wow, they are really beautiful. :)