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  • Re: SOLUTION: You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature - digest algorithm SHA-256 / Signature RSA

    @adent42 said:
    @gingagaming I've updated the Min SDK Level range to go up to 18!

    Ive just done a test and setting the restriction to 18 does solve this issue. Thank you for addressing this so quickly. Any chance you can do the same on the iOS too? We have functionality listed there, just needs activating as its greyed out.

  • Re: Counter with different targets

    Not using too many timers is mostly an outdated suggestion. GameSalad can deal with timers much better than some old versions and also the performance of smartphones has gone up radically in the same time. If this is the only major use of a timer in your app, it will not cause any problems.

    You say it is a lot of work and calculations -- shouldn't be. Can you share with us the mouthed you used? Ideally screenshots of the logic.

    One important question though -- with the timer, are you in-app all the time, or with the 10 minute timer, can you exit the app, come back 5 minutes later and continue with 5 minutes on the timer?

  • Re: SOLUTION: You uploaded an APK with an invalid signature - digest algorithm SHA-256 / Signature RSA

    @adent42 said:
    SHA256 is supported for API levels 18 and higher (Jelly Bean 4.3). If you exclude lower levels, you only loose 6.8% of the market (mostly people stuck on earlier Jelly Bean iterations).

    Since it effects such a small market of much older OSes and there is a manual work-a-round, we're probably not going to fix this issue.

    But you don't allow us to exclude lower than 13! We only have the option of excluding lower than 13 which is the issue. You also stoped us from restricting versions iOS too. We can't restrict any version of iOS (not that that is related to this issue but it is also needed).

    So as we can't restrict Android version lower than 13, we can't get around this issue other than signing the app outside GS. If you can change the publishing side to restrict any version then this will solve the issue. Please don't dismiss the issue because users can do it manually in terminal. We have already have lost signing for Windows and have to use Terminal for this, Losing Android as well isn't good for the software. Using Terminal to sign apps is a bad thing for GameSalad. (in my opinion). The average user wouldn't normally use Terminal and is at high risk of doing something Terminal (see what I did there...) So moving forward to a quick fix, can you simply add the ability in the publishing side to restrict below 18 rather than 13 please?

    Getting the new tool up to the standards of the current tool, adding engine features, and fixing High Sierra bugs are all higher priority.

    I agree but we also need creator 1.0 to stay stable!

  • Re: Making a splash

    @Facundo Gioffré - elRatArts said:

    First of, thanks for playing the game, and thanks for the feedback.
    Unfortunately the version I've uploaded of the game is a PC/Mac version. I still have to make a mobile version. Which I will soon do.

    Sorry about that. I didn't think about the fact that I was using an iPad via the GS Arcade to play your game and that your game was only meant for a desktop.

    Also the style of my games is that, my company symbols > presents (each present screen is different because it sets the tone of the game thru the font > the menu > the game.

    May be so, but I don't think players want to see all those screens every time they play the game. :)

  • Re: when making 2048 grid

    I would say tables.
    There are a few templates out there you could check out.

  • Re: Undo Button

    Okay, then just record each color change in a table with each column representing a color value (red, green, or blue):

    1 1 1
    1 0 0
    1 0 1
    1 1 1
    0 1 1

    If you press the undo button, you just change the current color to the values in the row above the last row (tableRowCount(tableName)-1) and then delete the last row as long as there are at least two rows.

  • Re: Hi, Some questions for new starter

    Welcome and great questions!

    1. There are several ways to test GameSalad projects but with regard to specific devices, you really need to have or know someone who has a variety of devices. You can use Apple's TestFlight service (among other methods) to install testing versions of your projects on those devices. I am not familiar with Memu and haven't used emulators with GameSalad so I can't comment on that.

    2. Keep in mind you won't be a novice for long. ;) This community is great and generous with helping out so just ask questions as you go along and I'm sure you'll get the assistance you need. There are ways to debug and diagnose what is happening with your app that will lead you to find the cause.

    3. Nope. Your app will happily flounder on the app store(s) until you decide to remove it.

    4. Yes and yes although tower defense games in particular are quite difficult with GameSalad. People have made extensive RPG games, card games, word games, match-3, flappy bird ripoffs, etc. etc. It's a very flexible engine that is actually quite powerful and relatively easy to learn and use.

  • Re: Adding a scoreboard.

    If game.score ≥ game.firstHighest
         change attribute game.firstHighest to game.score
              if game.score ≥ game.secondHighest
                   change attribute game.secondHighest to game.score
                        if game.score ≥ game.thirdHighest
                             change attribute game.thirdHighest to game.score

  • Re: Anime/Manga Illustrator

    @toukairin said:
    Hi Dave, I am not sure what you mean by cutting it to pieces but

    I think he means have you created the art in sections kind of like you did here so that a coder can put the arms where they want, and make them move or rotate how they want. Like instead of a body, you would have a torso, arms, legs, head, facial features, etc. but all individual components so that the coder can put them where they want and make them work how they choose.

  • Re: Jumping on platform only

    @Facundo Gioffré - elRatArts Just a suggestion if I may?
    You have a succession of 5 opening screens before gameplay. It wasn't obvious to me that I had to tap to progress through them. So, I waited and waited for something to happen. I thought my iPad was showing its age, or my WiFi connection was playing up, or GameSalad was displaying its notorious loading delay. So, I tapped to get out of the game then discovered I needed to tap through all the opening scenes.

    It would help users if you put a prompt there like a forward arrow or even a > sign. Better still, just put the title on the splash screen and move all the other credits to your credits page. ;)