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  • Re: Would like to understand the logic behind constraint objects

    You want them to be touching the edge?

    In that case the top would for example be game.Screen.Size.Height - (self.height/2)

    That's the height of the screen and subtract half the height of the actor you are moving. Why? Because if you place it at the height of the screen, that's where the middle of the actor will sit, so you need to move it half of it's height down. Etc.

    You won't be using constrains for this, though. A simple change attribute is enough. Constrains are only for things where you need to check if the actor is in the correct place every single frame. Unless there is any other logic that could be messing with the actor, you're more than safe with a change attribute.

  • Re: Vote - NEW WINDOWS Project Merger for GameSalad™

    This is very unlikely to happen right now. Even the Mac version is not working 100% flawlessly and with the new Web Creator coming...

    It was a great tool. A shame it's fading away...


    Good to know. Just about to move on to a new project. Looks like I'll update today.

    I still remember having to quit every 10 min due to slowdown. It was worth it then so, I guess, this is just an annoyance at the beginning of each session. Thanks for making the beta available.

  • Re: Mac TV

    Why wouldn't this be part of the options? Our developers membership with apple allows publication to mac tvs. Why hasn't GS. Created a publishing profile for this?


    Thanks @adent42 for your hard work. It hasn't gone unnoticed these past couple of weeks :smile:

  • Vote - NEW WINDOWS Project Merger for GameSalad™

    So @gingagaming and Wayne from Deep Blue Ideas have done us a massive service by updating and rereleasing the Project Merger tool for Gamesalad. It makes project work so much easier by allowing you to fuse two different projects together. Something we all need when working with templates. Unfortunately, its only for Mac. Now, Gingagaming has stated they will gladly go through the process of creating a Windows version if there is a enough interest for it. So friends, Romans and Countrymen please express your excitement and need for this by voting below!

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 11-13-2017

    I tried the updated web version , the error console killed it for me i have many places where i constrain and add "+ " and it gives me an error ,its really slow so i just turned everything off , previewed the game and i still get the nasty display text/ replicate bug which i reported 5 times before. I couldn't see a difference with the UI except for the On & Off which i think used to be better before by swiping a button, but that is just personal taste. The behaviours are still huge , and take all the logic stack space. Looking forward for the next update.
    PS: I don't like saying this , but time is everything for indie developers , it will take you ages to update and fix all the bugs , i hope you get more members and speed things up, you will eventually run out of battery :D appreciate all the hard work you put but at this rate we will wait years for good progress.

  • Re: Need "One on One" help-session to UPLOAD game to Google Play... I'LL PAY

    Definitely not alone. I spent about 8 hours trying to get iOS publishing to work. Continually re-creating certificates, etc. in an extremely frustrating process. Glad you're getting the help you needed!

  • iTunes Connect Closes Over Holidays

    For those of you who are relatively new around here i.e., joined since January 2017, don't be shocked by a notice, coming soon in your email from Apple, that iTunes Connect traditionally shuts down for a week! :o

    That means if you are hoping to have a game in the App Store for Christmas you had better submit it before December 14th, or so, for it to be approved in time. :#

    Now, how are we supposed to do that given the current state of GS? :s

  • Re: Super RoShamBo Fighters release on iTunes & Google Play

    Looks great...good luck. I alsodiscovered the rotation bug. Have locked all your scenes to landscape?