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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    @adent42 said:

    The new tool will eventually work fine with most existing projects (I'm not gonna say ALL because some people do some funky stuff to their projects files), and until that happens, the current desktop tools will still be around.

    @adent42 - This is my main concern as I have numerous projects all still performing well on the app stores, and I hope to maintain them into the future.

    When you say "some people do some funky stuff to their project files", what do you mean exactly? Are larger, more complex projects/games the ones likely to have issues? - or do you mean something else?

  • Re: [ALL STYLES] 2D Videogame Artist (pixel, vector, painted)

    Nice Amiga "Shadow of the Beast" style pixel work on that last couple of images.

    Nice work :)

  • Re: Help Please .. want to save scene

    Or use tables. Tables are a lot more powerful and flexible. Also, you can save all the scene's data in one table.

    With save attribute, you need to remember all of your keys and it quickly becomes a mess.

  • Re: HTML5 Publishing!

    I didn't subscribe to Game Salad for HTML5.

    But if they're going to support a platform, and propose that it works with the feature set of the engine, then it should do that.

    And if I report BASIC bugs about a platform (like "the collision systems works" and "the sound system works" and "the font system works"), then those bugs should be fixed in a timely manner.

    2 years is most definitely not a timely manner.

    I'm not proposing brand new features, or increasing the scope of the engine.

    I'm expecting that the basic functionality of the engine work on the platforms they claim to support.

    By and large, Game Salad works quite well these days, especially on iOS.

    But IT SHOULD work properly on all the supported platforms.

    That is surely just an irrefutable statement.

  • Re: HTML5 Publishing!

    @Hymloe said:

    @adent42 said:
    Trial members do not have access to HTML5, it's a Pro only feature.

    A Pro Only feature that has cost me $40 a month for the past year or more, and which doesn't support the basic features my game needs to actually make use of HTML5 output.

    you choose the tool according to the features it already has not the ones you wish it to have. They are working on updates but your $40 a month (less actually) is for the current features. If your game needs other features right now that are not supported then perhaps you chose the wrong platform. html5 has always been buggy and you can search the boards for the list of performance issues regarding it. One of those is collisions shapes. Hopefully with the new tool all of that is fixed.

  • Re: HTML5 Publishing!

    I would just like to know if HTML5 is going to have these same bugs in the new version. If not, we could use NW.JS and have it run .exe. I have asked in another thread. Hope to get some response. The Steam community is huge. Would be great get on there. I know one game was ported over, but had some issues that had to be fixed.

  • Re: How to create a rule for certain attribute values?

    @Rasparem try reading the cookbook and watching a few tutorials on YouTube to familiarise yourself with GS as system and how it works. It'll make your enquiries better targeted. Secondly, before you ask the forum try searching for the solution in the forums. A lot of questions asked already have answers just be careful with responses older than 3 years and some things have moved on a lot since then.

    As to your question.
    place a rule in the actor, in the conditions/attributes area create 2 attributes. In the if section for both input your scene/game/actor attribute in which the integer is stored and then place the appropriate values and the changed signs ie =/</> etc that correspond to that value. Change rule action to 'All' from the default 'Any'. Lastly, in the 'do' section place the action you wish to perform.

    Again, please watch some introductory videos. They'll help you a lot. An enquiry like this one or you other one rarely get responses.

  • Re: Moving actors in a circle and/or a predetermined path

    Great video. I almost understood it but at least I get the concept now.

  • Spawn behind actor glitch is driving me CRAZY

    In my game, my character's arm is a separate actor spawned and then constrained to the location of the player's X / Y , so that it follows him. Here is the kicker:

    - When he is facing right, his arm is spawned on top of him, and then deleted when he turns left.
    - When he is facing left, his arm is spawned behind him (to give the impression of him turning around!)

    Here is the problem.

    For whatever reason, no matter which arm I have spawn, any object I spawn behind the actor lags and drags behind him in an elastic fashion when he moves.

    I have checked to make sure the density / restitution / drag etc. for any actor behind him is set to 0 and that they arent set to collide with anything.

    I have tested this by having both arms spawn on top of him, instead of behind, and they both move fluidly and without issue.

    I also slowed the player down, and no matter how slowly he is moving, there is still an elastic movement of the actor behind him, instead of staying fixed in place.

    This is driving me insane, any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Re: HTML5: Corrupted fonts on any text that is large-ish (URGENT!!)

    @Icebox said:
    They are fixing the html5 engine to match the native engines so they will look into text rendering , collisions .. etc .. This is what they have been doing the past year.

    So, do we have any idea when?

    I reported these bugs 2 years ago, and they've been around longer than that.

    I've finally nearly finished my game, and I have no reason to believe they'll be fixed in the next 6 months, which is pretty sad.