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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    @AlchimiaStudios no set time frame, but we've been thinking that the native tools will be around for another year. To address some of your concerns:

    • The large project size problem is mostly due to server resource limits with Amazon Lambda (which I wasn't aware of when I created the import script using it). We'll moving off there so we'll be able to support all projects again. It's going to be part of the same effort to support app generation / publishing from the web tool which is starting this week.

    • Since we do app packaging (publishing) online, it means that you'll still get native engines publishing support in the HTML5 tool. We'll have to figure out a solution for desktop native preview, since browsers have more-or-less stopped supporting plugins, but we're already working on a way to use the mobile preview app.

    • While the underlying technology is HTML5, we're looking into wrapping the tool into desktop apps. This lets us share a lot of the same code-base, allows the interface to remain consistent across platforms (or not, but that'll just be a css change!), and make it possible to release to some platforms we haven't supported before (I really want iPad and Linux versions).

    Basically, we're gonna do everything we can to make the new tool a natural successor to the current desktop tools.

    The new tool will eventually work fine with most existing projects (I'm not gonna say ALL because some people do some funky stuff to their projects files), and until that happens, the current desktop tools will still be around.

    I hope that answers your concerns!

  • Re: Question about the work of triggers "Collide" and "Touch" Rules in creator Gamesalad

    Example file attached:

  • Re: Question about the work of triggers "Collide" and "Touch" Rules in creator Gamesalad

    Constrain Linear Velocity X . . . to . . . 50*(Mouse X - Self.X )
    Constrain Linear Velocity Y . . . to . . . 50*(Mouse Y - Self.Y )

  • Re: Wordgraphy now available on the App Store!

    @Braydon_SFX said:
    Downloading now! Hoping for another feature from the Apple gods!

    Thanks:) I have some news to share with you guys about feature:)

    Wordgraphy got featured in 128 countries on the Appstore Homepage!

  • Game Mention by PewDiePie - Toilet Bingo

    Hey guys, just thought I would share with you a rare and exciting experience I had this afternoon. I was notified from YouTube that PewDiePie was live on You tube and I made a (PAID) message to his live feed so it would show up in his game play. It cost me 50€ (to charity) and he doesn’t mention all messages that are posted but seems I timed it right and he mentioned my game Toilet Bingo anybody interested in seeing it, can do so here! I know its only a small mention but hey its PewDiePie!

  • Re: New Templates and Huge Discounts On Bundles On The Marketplace

    All my templates are on sale for a week. They all try and demonstrate/teach different gameplay styles possible with GameSalad.

    And Free demo:


  • Re: How to make an Infinite Platformer?

    @Triangularity Games said:
    I feel like at some point though, this would cause the game to be very large and laggy. Was this the case?

    Nope, not the case. The scene size makes either none, or very minimal difference with game size or lagginess -- that is, of you are spawning things. If you build the whole level, it will bring the size of the XML up a bit, but not critically.

    Of course, in my game, since it's essentially an infinite runner and you only go forward, I can destroy the actors once they are far back with a simple rule, so that brings the potential for lag radically down.

    @Triangularity Games said:
    The biggest problem I'm facing is the player being able to walk backwards when the ground is no longer there.

    Now, if you can only go back a little, that would still enable you to destroy everything further than that for memory management. My suggestion would be to decide how far back you want the character to be able to walk. Let's work with an example of 500 (from edge of actors, not middle, adjust according to actor widths).

    First, you will use more than the 3 platforms repositioning from the back forward. Enough to extend far enough. Even if you go a bit overboard for safety and use, say 8, it won't affect performance that much, so no worries.

    Second, make a game.attribute and constrain it to the main character's X (or the direction he is moving in). Then, create a barrier behind the character which will collide with the hero, not letting him past. The important logic in the barrier is IF game.hero.X - barrier.X > 500, THEN constrain barrier.X to game.hero.X + 500. This will move the barrier with the actor, but ONLY when going forward. When going back, it will stay in place and block the hero.

  • Re: How to make an Infinite Platformer?

    You can easily also make the scene so wide that it is pretty much impossible for the player to reach the end, so then you can move the player character. I've done that as well and it works. Actually, in my last game I used both methods, a veeery long scene and constantly moving actors for the background.

  • Re: How to make an Infinite Platformer?

    What problem do you have with the two methods you describe? I've used both successfully before.

    I generally prefer the second method. I would use use three actors, each about 2/3 of the screen width. Then make a rule, if at x or smaller, teleport to current x + 2 * width.

    Make sure the rule is x or smaller (or bigger, depending on the direction), NOT when x = a value, because the actor might never hit that specific x, one frame it is at -99.342 and next frame at -100.056, which means it will never be at -100 exactly, for example.

  • Bor (Mario-style platform) FREE on the Mac App Store

    Hi guys, maybe you can have some fun by playing my last GS-game :)

    Here's the link:

    Bor is a viking who has lost his 60 wives, help him to find them all!
    A lots of monsters will try to stop Bor, and you will have to travel through lands and castles to bring them all back to your peaceful home.
    Jump, fight, throw axes and use every kind of power-ups to beat the monsters!

    Here're also Android and iOs links:

    Google Play:

    App Store: