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  • Anime/Manga Illustrator


    My name is Huan. I am an illustrator with strong anime/manga genre influenced art style.
    I am also a part-time lecturer for Kadokawa Contents Academy~

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    @AlchimiaStudios @CasualEvolution We're still finishing up a round of testing for the addition of publishing, but after that's in it should be ready to go live to my knowledge :)

  • Re: Spare Code ? Dump It here.

    Here is yet another grid builder example. It spawns a grid of actors. You can specify the number of rows and columns and it calculates the width and height for each tile.

    It also shows one way to make a nested loop. GameSalad does not allow a loop behavior within a loop behavior. So this example shows an easy way to get nested loops.(There are several ways to do this, but this one is straight forward.)

  • Re: Installing adhoc projects on Android phones


    does not work through Xcode.

    Here is my "least fuss" workflow:

    I build the Android apk, then drag it into my Dropbox folder on my work machine.
    I also have Dropbox open on the Android phone.
    Then simply open the file in Dropbox on the phone and let it install.

    No messing about with USB links and swapping out phones.

  • How To: Pseudo-Dynamic lighting approach on actors, including Distance Lighting

    Dynamic Lighting

    So - Dynamic lighting is one thing that can make a huge difference in how engaged a player is with a game, it can really add to the immersion level, and it's one of the things that Game Salad simply isn't capable of at the moment, so i started playing around, trying to see if there was some way to work around this, and i've come up with something that kind of works (at least, for the moment, for round objects). I'm going to keep refining this and hopefully have something far more workable, but i believe that it's a good start.

    First off, here's a preview of what i've started to do:

    So - as you can see as mister happy green ball there moves around the scene, his shine and shadow rotate to face the light. (yes, i know this only applies to round objects, right now, i'll explain my potential solution for complex objects, as awful as it's going to be, shortly).

    The way i've done this is with three actors, that make up the character, ball at the bottom, then shadow layer, then eyes:

    The green ball is the 'master', and the shadow actor and the eyes are both constrained to the ball's center. The shadow is then constrained via vector-to-angle to the very-square-sun there in the centerish of the scene, as such:

    As the left and right keys are held down, the ball's angular velocity is increased (exponentially, because demo.), and the linear velocity is constrained the negative of the angular velocity, halved. This allows him to move, and, as the eyes are rotationally constrained to the ball, they rotate as well, in time with the ball's rotation.

    Clever use of tables would allow for an infinite (though somewhat resource intensive) number of characters on the screen that obey these rules - to a central light source. Obviously this doesn't work with multiples, but using the additive property (and getting rid of the shadow) along with a second reflection actor creates a somewhat believable effect:

    So - on to complex shapes! In the next post, this will get full treatment, but here's a bit of explanation:

    You'd need to create a 'lighting map' (not really, but bear with me) that has the possible lighting result from every angle of the character. You could do this for all 360 degrees, but that would be... awful. Instead, you would be better served with creating a lighting overlay for every 10-20 degrees or so (and dealing with a slight jump between each), and put these in a table, and then for every vector to angle calculation (between the lightsource and the lightmap actor), you apply the pertinent image to the lighting actor.

    This method still works for multiple light sources, and would work just as well with dynamically spawned actors. This does get complex, however, but it's still totally doable. You just need lots of notes and a great organizational system.


    If Actor_In_Position_one {
    if ( 0 < VectorToAngleResult > 9 ) { constrain image to tableCellValue(TBL_Actor_1_LightMap, 1, 1)}

    if ( 10 < VectorToAngleResult > 19 ) { constrain image to tableCellValue(TBL_Actor_1_LightMap, 1, 2)}

    If Actor_In_Position_two {
    if ( 0 < VectorToAngleResult > 9 ) { constrain image to tableCellValue(TBL_Actor_1_LightMap, 2, 1)}

    if ( 10 < VectorToAngleResult > 19 ) { constrain image to tableCellValue(TBL_Actor_1_LightMap, 2, 2)}



  • Re: Embed

    PM me a link to the game and we'll see if we can figure it out.

  • Genuine FREE $10 Steam Giftcard - Toilet Bingo Promotion

    Hi guys, I'm running a promo where you can get a free Steam Gift card (or if you guys here prefer, a $10 Paypal payment). You can see the full details here here and id love you guys to join in and help spread the word. There is no catch, just follow the steps and ill honour the gift card!

    (Please visit the youtube page to see the description will full details as they don't show in this embedded clip!)

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    What kind of time frame are we looking at for the eventual removal of the desktop app @adent42 ? If the native creators are eventually going to support .exe, does that mean they aren't going away anytime soon?

    I only ask because right now the beta web creator cannot handle my main project (file size limit on servers) so it's a bit scary to hear that without being able to test it in the web creator, I will be forced to move to it at an undetermined time without the knowledge that my project will even run. To be a bit dramatic, I am in a potential situation to lose thousands and thousands of hours of work right at the final stretch of development on a multi-year project. So a time frame would be great ;)

  • Re: Detecting iPhone 6+ screen resolution?

    No, I mean set it up so the display text tells you what size the screen is on the device.

  • Re: Introducing GSLearn! - My little site of works

    @Adrenaline @tatiang @PhilipCC @BazookaTime @Braydon_SFX
    Thanks for the support! - Hopefully they help.

    Weekly Update #1

    Been a very busy week (outside GS) so things were a bit slow. I did go through a redesign a few logos and designs on some of the templates. Plus a new free template added to the site:

    Tall Tower (Free)

    My take on the block building concept. Very simple and effective. Has some nice effects!
    Hope it inspires some great content.

    Download Here!

    Thats all for the week for free templates.
    (Paid content still being added/updated regularly)