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  • Kicking Behinds

    Last week I launched a game that I have been working on for over three and a half years called Kicking Behinds.

    Kicking Behinds is my take on an Australian Rules football game. What is Australian Rules football? Well, it's not rugby for a start but essentially it is fast-paced, physical and exciting sport that is traditionally played on giant oval shaped grounds. The sport is over 150 years old, played right throughout Australia and draws huge crowds of on average over 35,000 per game.

    See a quick video here if you are interested:

    One of the reasons I wanted to make this game (besides my love if the sport) is that there are very few Australian Rules football games on the market, therefore there was naturally a great opportunity here.

    My version, Kicking Behinds has been trimmed down whereby instead of 18 players team there is just seven and many of the rules have taken out to keep things as smooth and simple as possible.

    It is now available to download on iOS devices.

    At a guess I put well over 1,000 hours into making this game, building it from scratch and refining the AI to suit this uniquely Australian game.

    Finally, a huge thank you to the GameSalad community for putting up with my stupid questions and for all the tutorials and help along the way.

  • Re: HTML 5 Wrapping, Gamepad support possible?


    There are definitely other options out there to make PC games but that is the thing, Gamesalad could be that option, and a great option at that! Most people who want to make games want to make them on the platform they play games. I think this is why Gamesalad couldn't support themselves with just developers, there aren't enough devs or people interested in developing that just want to focus on mobile. Why on earth when we were so close to .exe did we jump ship? Unfortunately, while our latest game is mainly for mobile, I was really looking forward to the then promised EXE when I started making it. Oh well.... Unfortunately my team is a bit bummed about it, and we will most likely have to change engines on our next project, which I really don't want to have to do. With EXE support Gamesalad would be a complete package, and I am sure it would bring in a ton more paying users once they saw how easy (easier than other options) it is to make their dream steam game.

  • Will we ever get "Play Sound using filename from Expression"?

    Will we ever get the feature whereby we can choose the filename of a sound to play using an expression?

    It's time to start really putting the sound into my game, and it sucks.

  • Re: I've read a few threads about getting a Gamesalad game on Steam? How?

    It's possible. I did it a year ago. Here's the thread on it. Read through the whole thing, I put lots of steps with some false starts.

  • Re: Stop camera moving back

    The camera is in two parts, size and tracking area. Simply make the tracking area extend to the left edge, so the camera doesn't get controlled when the actor is to the left from the screen centre.

    Then you will need to make a rule, which will stop the actor from moving once he gets to to the edge. You can either do that with math (min, max functions) or simply put an invisible wall there, moving with the camera, to stop the actor.

  • Re: I know the answer is "no"

    @BigDave said:
    Best to try out yourself buddy!

    Did you just have a forum conversation with yourself? Dave, you might be working a little too hard...

  • Re: Is this even possible on Game Salad?

    Like @AlchimiaStudios says, that's all pretty straightforward stuff to do in GameSalad.

  • Re: The Winner of IMGA China "Best Quickplay Game" is....