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  • Re: GET ME OUTTA HERE is Out Now!

    Well it looks like we got passed up for a US front page feature. None the less, it was really cool to get featured in most other countries, get some great reviews and game of the week over at TA, and hear from all you guys here and on the TA forums. Really excited people have enjoyed the game so much. Thanks everyone in this community for the support!

  • Re: What is the ideal pixel art size for game assets?

    @indra.aziz said:
    . . . whenever I import the PNG images and assign it to an actor, it always appear blurry . . .

    GameSalad uses a bicubic (or maybe bilinear ?) reconstruction filter to interpolate the image pixels when scaling up, the result of this is a blurry image.

    @indra.aziz said:
    But if I draw in bigger size, then I wont get the blocky pixel style I wanted.

    What stops you from using a blocky style when creating larger artworks ? I'm guessing it has something to do with the way Aseprite works ? (I've never used Aseprite), If that's the case then once you have created your artwork in Aseprite you can then open it up into a free image editor like GIMP (or if you have it, Photoshop) and scale the image to the size you need using a Nearest-Neighbour interpolation (in GIMP this is called 'none').

  • Re: Screen misaligned after device wake up (Android BUG) My solution

    beautiful, is there a bug ticket? Does someone care? Maybe hiring another coder instead of sales people could help?

  • Re: GET ME OUTTA HERE is Out Now!

    New Games We Love (UK) !! :)

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.80 is Available

    @pHghost said:
    But that said, we know that the description in the linked article is BS, so trying to use that as an argument...

    I think quoting that article makes a perfectly valid point, that is the perception of GameSalad from the outside, of course we all know how great GameSalad is, but that's not what we're talking about here, we're talking about how it's perceived by the general SDK world. So in that respect it's a good argument for underlining how GameSalad are slowly allowing their online presence to die.

    @pHghost said:
    The reason I used @RossmanBrothersGames as an example was because they are active, they also bring up requests for fixes and complaints, but their overall interaction in the Forums is positive and constructive. When the bring up an issue it's a specific problem they are facing, not general bashing.

    RossmanBrothersGames are great (with and without wigs), but I still think this is a sort of separate issue, the argument seems to be 'you cannot (or should not) complain about GameSalad's lack of engagement because someone is making a great game', I don't see the two things as connected in anyway. RossmanBrothersGames are great and GameSalad are allowing a once vibrant community to die off (posts down 80% in just 3 years ! that's a pretty rapid rate of decline).

    If GameSalad folds people like RossmanBrothersGames (and all the others making great games) will be effected as much as the people voicing their concerns.

    General Bashing (3rd Battalion, Parachute Regiment) is not such a terrible thing ! People complaining is not a terrible thing, it's an opportunity for GameSalad to know what their user base actually thinks, I've never really understood the 'it's better to not complain' thing ?

    Anyhow, this is all academic, these things come up from time to time, complaining or not complaining doesn't seem to make much difference either way :)

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    I hope GS have gamepad support in mind for html5 games . I also hope at some point they think about adding shaders/filter effects (wave , greyscale , lighting effect etc.. ) not that important to education , but would be great for us developers. Snap to grid .. im sure they will work on it but I didn't read anything about it yet .

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    Making a living from mostly 2-3 of my meanwhile older games I really hope forward for compatibility of the older projects within the new browser version of game salad.
    If this can not be guaranteed I rely on the old version to build the OS and Ad sdk updates.

    If neither of both happens in the future this could be fatal for my business. Entirely build on the foundation of game salad.

  • Re: How much money can i earn?

    @Spalding004 adblockers did little to nothing to my ad revenue the normal user doesn't use them

  • GET ME OUTTA HERE is Out Now!

    Hey guys! Thanks to everyone for all the help in getting us here. The game is out now:

    Live action retro commercial:

    Excited to see what people think. Also sharing and getting the word out there is always appreciated.

    If your a TA forum regular, you can drop by here if you'd like: