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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 11-13-2017

    Phew!..... GS will say, another bullet we miss! If a user finds a work around, let's avoid fixing it!


    I was about to install it then I checked the forums to make sure, Glad I did.

    Would be even 100X better if we received emails for these kind of issues

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.80 is Available

    Sorry for you because that is a pathetic answer!

    Do you really think that the guys above, and many other long term GS Pro paying clients, don't read every post, comment and thread on this Forum?

    Those of us that have a vested interest in this software, which has now become " Donation-Ware", read all of it every day.

    It seems to us that you guys at GS only take a sneak preview of the Forum every few months!

    And when you do, you segway to some other placating announcement in a new sticky thread!

    There are many of us that are really pissed off, including all the silent Pro members that hardly bother with the Forum.

    The ones that are surfacing now, with anger, frustration, discontent and disallusionment that has never been expressed until now.

    GS really need to find a new way to communicate with the "life-blood" members or your subscriptions will cease.

    I don't really expect any satisfactory response... but let's see. >:)

  • Re: How can I turn this drawing into a usable character?

    My suggestion would be to try Inkscape... Take your scan and redraw the lines... That way you get separate shapes that you can easily move around, rotate and turn into animations.


    The tutorial on character animation might help:
  • Re: Create a Wall without bouncing

    Hello @baazul if you open up your wall actor and take a look at its attributes, there will be a section called "Physics" in here you will see an attribute called "Bounciness" set this to 0 and you will no longer bounce off the actor.


    At least give us an update. Look, I get it. I get that problems come up. But you have an UNWORKING PRODUCT that we're paying $300 a year to use. There comes a point where I have to put my foot down. At least reply to our comments. Say SOMETHING. I don't even care what, I just need to know that you haven't abandoned your product, or your users. I have steered clear from posting on the forums until this issue. Sad it had to be this that brought me here. But for crying out loud, respond to us.

    EDIT: Just saw the post about the updates. While I still think more communication would have been good, it's nice to hear things are coming along.

  • Construct 3 looking for GS users... :(

    I just search "gamesalad" in google (I was looking for a game center tutorial) and this is the result, see the advertising that comes first...

  • State of GameSalad on 11-13-2017

    Hello everyone, we know you guys are quite overdue for an update and we appreciate your patience! Things have been incredibly busy at the GS headquarters.

    High Sierra

    We are still working on fixes for High Sierra compatibility. We've got a beta build right now that (outside of 1 display issue) is fully functional, and you can pm me or @adent42 for a download link to it to use in the short term.


    We are also aware of the deadline coming up for making some changes to how banner ads are displayed (so that they work with the new iPhone x). This is also being looked into and we'll give you some more info when an update is out.

    Web Version

    We appreciate you guys giving the web version a try and giving us feedback so we know where to improve it.

    Importing of larger projects is going to happen once we finish implementing behaviors, which is going pretty fast and we hope to have it done pretty soon. Basically, since most larger games are going to be using at least some of the unimplemented behaviors, we figure it would work best to get the remaining behaviors done first.

    There's currently a version in testing with a lot of nice updates:

    New Features
    - Undo
    - Added a setting for the changing of actor size when an image is applied to it.
    Previously: When an image was added the actor would change its width/height to match the image
    Now: Through the setting you can choose to have the actor resize to ½, ¼, ⅔, or the full size of the image being applied

    UI Updates / Changes
    - First pass of tighter UI elements (affecting behaviors, lists in the library, attributes, etc)
    - Dragging of actors starts on "mouse down" and doesn't require a click first.
    - New Ways to Organize Behavior Library (Unsorted [the default alphabetical], By Type, By Usage)
    - If a behavior is disabled, it's errors become warnings now.
    - Warning on deletion of attributes referenced in a behavior.
    - Support for basic expression validation.
    - New UI for hiding / showing sidebars.
    - Settings/profile stuff is now also available at the top-right of the page for more intuitive access.

    Implemented Behaviors
    - Accelerate Towards
    - Buzz
    - Change Velocity
    - Change Size
    - Close App (formerly Quit Game)
    - Pause Music
    - Play Music
    - Stop Music
    - Show Banner Ad
    - Show "More Games" Ad
    - Keyboard Input (Now labeled: Show Text Input Dialog)
    - Load Attribute
    - Log Debugging Statement
    - Open URL Action
    - Rotate To Angle
    - Save Attribute
    - Save Table
    - Path Find

    To expedite release for next week, a few of these behaviors may drop off the list if they fail testing, but things look good so far.

    Bug Fixes
    - Firefox can now see actor previews. Number fields in behaviors will have more space.
    - Ability to type in negative numbers in fields (you could paste whole negative numbers or use the increment/decrement before to get negative numbers but you couldn't just type a '-')
    - Uncommon bug for sorting actors and scenes should be fixed.
    - Fixed bugs with layer reordering.

    We’ll continue listening to your input for new web version to find things you most want added / tweaked.

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    Months have past since this post was published and still no new version?

    I just saw that my pro membership was auto-renewed and I'm thinking about pulling this back. I can't work without the High Sierra updated!

    What are we paying for?


    Question has to be asked: is GameSalad still being supported?