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  • Duck Fight is out now!

    Hello all you good people of the GameSalad Community!

    We have finally released our new game called Duck Fight. It has got retro graphics and gameplay. Jump, duck, hit and shoot. Battle all the hungry and crazy chiefs. Dodge knifes and barrels, and if you manage to stay alive long enough some rather large vehicles will suddenly come charging! This game was originally planned to be released months ago, but other and more trendy projects got in the way... maybe you have tried our Super Fidget Hand Spinner yet? ;) If not, check it out! Or even better, check out both of our new games!!!

    Super Fidget Hand Spinner - iOS and Android

    Duck Fight - iOS and Android

    Please give us an honest star and review :)

  • Hey spammer(s)... bugger off.. no-one here cares about whatever crap you're selling!

    Hey spammer(s)... bugger off.. no-one here cares about whatever crap you're selling!

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    Actually it's a little of column a, a little of column b.

    The end of the school year is a busy time for us as schools start deciding their budgets, which has taken lot of @ForumNinja 's time (he's helping track down the right people at schools to call). He's also been hard at work QAing the tool.

    The dev team is still plugging away at building the tool. We're shooting for an early beta by mid June and a wider beta in July, so I'm heads down on that.

    I've gotten the local storage db working well and we got HTML5 preview to load from the database.

    Now we've started putting in features like sorting and filtering libraries and proportional resize for groups (along with a lot of other small features that were skipped because they were relatively easy but not necessary to prove out the tech).

    Next is getting the system integrated with login, the portfolio, and setting up the production server environment (which are all necessary to begin the wider beta test).

    That and I spent the weekend dealing with a stuck nut on the wife's car (PB and a cheater bar succeeded where a impact driver mostly stripped the nut).

    As for engine updates, we haven't planned that far yet, but with iOS 11 in the fall and some users seeing problems with Google Play, IAP, I think we'll need to put in a round of fixes just after the beta is launched (and now that the tools is in better shape, I might dedicate some after hours time to get a head start on this work).

    In the meantime, something for you all to play with...

    Way back in 2012 some members of our team built an HTML5 app to make Pixel Art. Various things in the company kept it from getting released, but I recently found a copy that was "good enough" to release if not quite where the team wanted it.

    Soooo, I proudly present:

    GS Paint!

    Have fun. We'll try to get a more comprehensive update soon!

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    Can you tell me if there are any plans to improve ad network integrations? Having worked recently with a publisher looking to cross-promote I've realised that there are some really important limitations for any developers looking to make money with their GS games. You can't, I discovered, have any kind of Ad Mediation (which publishers want) AND Rewarded Videos (which I want) because of the way any interstitials use the same call method (and Chartboost is the only real option for Rewarded video, but doesn't have mediation). This became a big problem for me and is likely to be the difference between me continuing with GS for my next project, or looking elsewhere. I really want to stay with GS, but if I don't have flexibility with Ad Networks, it makes it very difficult to justify. :-/

  • Re: Developer for Hire! (Part-time)

    I know this is not something you're promoting as a service but I aways think the design aspect of your projects is consistently excellent, super minimilist, modern, great colour palettes, clean lines and fonts . . . they always look great !

  • Developer for Hire! (Part-time)

    Hello all,

    I am a part-time freelance developer with 5 years GameSalad experience. I have worked or shared projects with a lot of you over the years. I am now available for hire.

    - Custom Gameplay
    - Template modifications
    - Bug fixing
    - Adding extra features to projects (Menus, buttons etc)
    - Demos for learning or experimenting



    My main focus is with small (from a simple bug fix) to medium projects.
    Happy to discuss your questions or project through GameSalad messaging, or by contacting me at:


  • Toilet Bingo - Now Live

    I would like to announce the arrival and release of Toilet Bingo!

    Toilet Bingo is a fun and very different way to play bingo... You have to collect or reject the bingo balls as they arrive to complete your bingo card to win.

    Accept the ball by pressing the hand or reject the ball by flushing it away! The more lines you complete, the higher the prize!
    Compete against other users in the worldwide toilet door leaderboard and try to top the charts!

    Other features include:

    • Sharpie markers which you can use to write on the toilet walls and will be posted on all active users devices for the world to see!
    • Cross Platform Worldwide Leaderboard
    • Special invites to famous or celebrity bathrooms (like the Queen of England!)

    Download the game on:


    Google Play:


  • Re: Toilet Bingo - Now Live

    To track the downloads and add a little fun in the office, I also designed and built a world map made completely from Lego and with extensive help from @Hopscotch (Roland from Appformitive) was able to build a download tracker and integrate it into the world map. This allows me to track the downloads live and also have a bit of fun with the users too!

    -Tracks live downloads and sorts them by country and continent
    -Displays a new download by flashing the continent on the map (nice 1x1 clear piece of lego with a LED inside)
    -Displays a new user using the scrolling LED display and displaying the users location (country) and also by adding a +1 to the user count
    -Displays the current High score and user name of the player
    -Allow users to send me direct messages on the world map! - This is displayed by all 7 continents flashing followed by the message displayed on the scrolling text display.

    Powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 and a custom script written by Rolland, I can now see my downloads live on my office wall!

    Here is the download tracker in operation:

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    @ForumNinja @adent42

    Curious if there's a published road map for GameSalad updates and feature requests? If not, that seems like a great way to keep the community involved in short- and long-term goals. I realize you can't always hit every milestone or deadline but often it feels like these requests go into the void and it's not clear what's being done to address them. Seeing a road map would give people insight into the hard work that is being done on your end.

    And to respond to your earlier comment about "people complained when we said there was no news" ... while I empathize with the reality that a few people will complain no matter what you say, I would argue it's ALWAYS better to communicate than to be silent. So every month having a State of GameSalad post even if it says "Still working on actor folders" would help people feel connected to the process. And frankly, having a few of you pop into forum conversations more frequently would do the same. I know you make efforts but sometimes it feels like a ghost town around here. An example: @ForumNinja, your last comment before today was back in April. I thought you were brought in to replace @StraightSaladShooter's role... he was a frequent moderator and general provider of information. I might be wrong about that assumption, though. I do see that @adent42 has been posting fairly frequently so that's a plus.

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    @Jeffm2 said:
    I know another highly requested feature has been the ability to reference sound files from a table. very helpful when creating phonics games and the like.

    Making an app right now wher this ability would allow me to remove literally 90% of the logic from the project. Spawning actors via table/expression would be amazing, too!