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  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.84 is available (High Sierra Fix)

    @strag said:
    I was aware that the values do not get overwritten when the app is re-started but I thought the table would get updated when the new version of the app was installed, especially since I'd renamed the rows.

    A table is treated as ‘user save data’ by iOS and Android, so it will not be rewritten by an update. You either need to make a new table altogether and relink values to it, or update the data in it with the Change Table Value action and then Save Table. Rows cannot be renamed once the app is installed. Renaming rows (or columns) will cause major woes — it can very easily lead to referencing nonexistent cells, which can in certain cases crash the app and will for certain corrupt user data saved in the table!

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    Calls up Apple Support:

    Do you know which android phone is best - I want to make the switch, but having trouble between the Pixel and Samsung S series?

    Apple Hangs Up!

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    @abuabed84 said:

    @Armelline said:
    Thought you were leaving?

    Are you one of the GS team?

    Nope, just wondering why you're posting topics clearly designed to undermine GameSalad when you've already said that you're leaving this software behind.

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    @Two.E said:

    Calls up Apple Support:

    Do you know which android phone is best - I want to make the switch, but having trouble between the Pixel and Samsung S series?

    Apple Hangs Up!

    Well to be fair in this analogy he'd be asking other customers of Apple rather than Apple themselves . . . and to give it some context . . . .

    "Hi fellow iPhone users, for months I've been having multiple ongoing issues with my iPhone (and some longer-term issues that have persisted for - literally - years), these issues range from mild inconveniences that I can work around to issues that actually prevent me from making calls, preview videos on the App Store won't play, my screen is blurry if I put anything in a folder stack more than 3 deep, when using Safari nothing in the bottom half of the screen registers a touch . . . (and numerous other ongoing issues) . . . worryingly, Apple have shown little to no interest in dealing with these problems after repeatedly reaching out to them, their responses often take weeks or even months, never fully resolving an issue, and solutions can often introduce even more problems . . . and just as concerning is the idea that Apple are likely to abandon the model I use in favour of focusing their efforts on these new handheld tablet things for the education market . . . so with all that in mind, and considering I not only rely on my phone for my job/income but am paying a monthly subscription for the pleasure, I am looking to try something else, so am now wondering whether anyone has had experience of alternatives like the Pixel or the Samsung S series ?"

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    It's a great analogy because it can used on both sides!

    Apple Support:

    We can confirm there is a problem. But we have been working on the iPhone X!
    Its completely different and we think you will love it!
    P.S It also doesn't have Touch ID which I know was a big feature in the previous version, but check out these other features that no body asked for

    Customer Hangs Up!


    Considering these exploits, would it not make sense to temporarily throw the full developing muscle into getting the High Sierra version stable?

    Asking people to stay on a potentially unsafe OS is not the best recommendation.

  • Re: Goodbye from me

    Thanks @Piman, I appreciate your support.

    @smurfted Good question ... I didn't finish them because I was still working on them when I decide to leave. I'd like to make quick, short games which people can play free online, and the arcade doesn't work. I considered publishing them free for mac instead, but couldn't get my head around the process, updates or the additional costs. Without sharing the games it was starting to feel completely pointless making them. I really enjoy using Gamesalad, and I kept going because of that. I'm moving to another platform so that I can keep making games, but also share them in the way that feels right for me.

    Here's the last game I was working on -

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    Please don't call it a fix unless you're sure it functions 100% properly..
    I updated to High Seirra thinking the latest version will work

    It has tons of bugs and instabilities,

    Now I'm stuck with this broken software until the next GS update which might take weeks or even months!!!

    This is absolutely ridiculous, and I need to update my app ASAP

    Please have some sense of urgency


  • Re: Preview not loading on any device.

    Its good you issues are fixed fella.

    Shame @socks didn't pull through. Still waiting on his reply...

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    For banners, I would suggest AdMob.