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  • Mac Creator Release 1.25.80 is Available

    We've been getting reports of Google reaching out to users who have apps on Google Play without privacy policies. This update removes one of the permissions we request access to in order to prevent you guys from having to create privacy policies for your apps.

    Release notes:

    • Request for READ_PHONE_STATE has been removed for Android apps

    Note: If you are on Mac OS X Sierra, you can grab the update from here:

    Tan is currently looking into updating the Tizen SDK, and there should be a backend update soon. I'll update this post when that's out.

    Edit: The Tizen SDK has been updated to 2.4, hopefully that helps you guys publish to Tizen so you can potentially take advantage of their promotion.

  • Artist Here Looking For Work (SAMPLES INCLUDED).... Cartoon and Colorful

    Here's my story... I have been poking around GS for years and I am looking to get back into making and creating games. I am currently taking on work for anyone who may be looking for graphics for their games. I am professional and will respond to you all within a very timely manner. I will use the funds to get back into the whole GS thing. Payment will be made via Paypal and will based upon how much work is needed. If you are looking for an artist, hit me up via email: gameonrevolution(at)gmail(dot)com. Here are some examples of my work (As you can see, bright colorful and fun colors are my style):

  • My Story with GameSalad - The Beginning and the End.

    Hi All,

    Since it's Valentines day, I thought i'd share a love story with you, my first love for a game making sdk ... This is my Love story for GameSalad.

    Growing up I always had a passion for computer games. I remember the best thing was going to the carboot with my folks and coming across 'that guy' who would be selling commodore 64 cassettes. With great anticipation, every week i picked my new game. Some were terrible, some never worked and some were my fix for the week. I developed a love for games and always had the dream of one day making my own!

    I'm not a genius, i'm not thick as s**t, I just never applied myself. I learnt how to get by in life doing the bare minimum. I never learnt how to code. Now i know if i was to push myself I could and I could of maybe went and studied computer science or something and who knows where i'd be now ... but I never, so its not worth going down that route.

    In 2007, the first iPhone was released and it sat well with me ... I purchased one and had it imported from the US to the UK. As I used this and continued on in the Apple ecochain I started to dream again about making games, only this time, I didnt need to do it for a console, the 'new generation' would be these smartphones. I set about exploring ideas and methods and here is where I came across GameSalad. It was everything I had been looking for, a no coding solution that would work on mobile. It was at this time I fell in love with the small community that was present at the time, everyone was helpful and everyone pushed one and other ... I had generally never experienced an online community like it.

    In 2010 I released my first game for Apple ... It was terrible! I worked on 2 side by side, a 'Call of Duty' spoof called 'COD' and an 'Office Racing' game which had a good idea behind it but a bad execution ... If only you knew what you know now from the offset right?

    Fast forward 4/5 years and I was releasing my last game! Milieu - A thoughtful, engaging puzzle game! I then continued to work on some other ideas but had not released any more! My life changed a bit, I got a more demanding job, a mortgage and I found my time had diminished. I let my GameSalad pro expire with the view of continuing at some point but this never happened. December 2016, my first born, my son Jackson! Time is no longer my friend and I knew my dream had ended! Apple began to remove my older games for not complying with the recent requirements and in January 2017 I let my Apple membership expire!

    I had a lot of ups and downs with GameSalad, the bugs, the memory leaks, honestly only the old will remember having to literally save after every rule change and restart the software, the debacles like Graphene and other wasted ventures, banging my head against the proverbial wall trying to get features added but you know what ... I Love(d) GameSalad. I could of went to Corona, GameMaker, Stencyl or any of the other 2d engines but GameSalad had a hold of me, when it worked, everything made sense to me and it all just felt like Home to me!
    Above all else, GameSalad allowed me to fulfil a childhood dream, not many things out there could allow someone to do such a thing so kudos to you GameSalad!

    In memory of my development coming to an end, I was reorganising all my files and decided to make a demo reel of the majority of games I released and some work in progress games that never saw the light of day! Its a nice way to view the years of hard work and joy it gave me! You'll have to excuse the poor quality of the video recordings going back 7 years :wink: Although I would advise switching the below video to HD as its still better than viewing at like 360p lol
    Looking at all my games, Line Ar(X) is still my favourite, especially coding wise, there's some great bits of maths in there! I also like Milieu and LAD, they're probably my top 3.

    I've met some great developers, some wonderful artists and created a mix of games/apps and forged some friendships along the way!

    Ahhhhh memories ...

  • Super Easy Facebook Publishing to help get massive traction on your game!

    Hey everyone, made this tutorial on how to publish a gamesalad game to Facebook to potentially reach millions of people!

    Also, shameless plug-- download my new free game here:


  • Re: RossmanBros Next Game - WIP - Get Me Outta Here


    Hey guys! Quick update. We are getting real close. Polishing little things here and there.

    We have new animations for the little alien hatchlings:

    And an explosion for the Sword Aliens, similar to the regular Aliens:

    Excited to announce more soon. We may also be looking at Appformative to implement some analytics and stuff.

  • Re: I need to make another game but I don't have any motivation

    When I feel motivation fading and enthusiasm ebbing away on a project I usually turn to the bottle, I'll pay a visit to my well stocked cellar and pick out a pair of late 70's Pinot Noirs, and after hurrying them down my neck (two straws, three if the clock is against me) I'm then usually gifted with a mentally unbalanced self-confidence only drunkenness offers. Then, naked, I will take to the local woods in an attempt to rediscover my natural connection with the earth by communing with the woodland creatures, once I've formed a bond with the squirrels and foxes and the owl folk, I will live amongst them as one of their own, scurrying around stealing nuts with the squirrels, scavenging with the foxes and shitting on cars from the sky with the owl folk, my fleshy hulk kept aloft by wings fashioned from bracken and wax. It's this total escape from the push and pull of modern human life that allowed me to make that Flappy Bird clone (total sales $9).

  • Re: I Made Something Cool in a Few Hours!

    Maybe like this :p

  • I Made Something Cool in a Few Hours!

    Hello all,

    As the title said, I wanted to share something cool I just made. Its inspired by my very first game I played from the appstore called Train Express (Or something like that).

    Some interesting things about it:

    • The direction you "draw" is the direction the train will go. Therefore its strategic to work out which end to start at.
    • You can cross over tracks
    • You can draw one track, start another track, and then finish the first one.

    I haven't made anything with GameSalad for a while and had some free time tonight. Quite Happy how it turned out. Thought I would share.
    Thanks for viewing!


  • Re: GSinvention copy cat template or not?

    @Chunkypixels Yes i agree...

    Sorry to the guys at GSinvention for the public blast i should of contacted you 1st, while it looks very similar to our work there's no proof so i will take your word that you in no way copied our template and you simply had the same gameplay idea as me.

    All the best going forward with GSinvention.

  • Re: GSinvention copy cat template or not?

    @UtopianGames Ive always been a big fan of your ability and your work, but I think you really owe someone a public apology here...

    You publicly fired a very big accusation... and was then provided evidence that pretty much proved the innocence of the accused parties. (only 4-7% chance of wrongdoing, by your own investigation). However, you haven't actually apologised, like you said you would, if proven wrong.

    "If you could send me the file Wayne can check it out and of course I will apologize if it's clean."

    I do think @Socks is correct... that there is a certain level of hypocrisy in your argument, but Ive got to give it to you, you've definitely brought life back to the forum... Ive not seen this kind of thread for a good while, and good to see some old faces popping up :)

    But yup... probably time for a little bit of humble-pie and all that...