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  • Re: WIP - currently nameless mobile app

    @fmakawa said:
    This looks amazing! Cant wait to see how the game feels!

    Thanks fmakawa :smile:
    It feels sorta' like the surface of an iPad :p

  • Re: Winds of change - GS education - Pinball JAM - friendship

    Sorry to hear you are leaving.

    If your app is 100% there, only assets to be done, isn't that a reason to be very happy about the new subscription model?

    You can work on the sound and graphics, having no subscription and then when you are ready with them, you will only need to get PRO for one month and publish?

    With the old way of thing you would have had to pay for a whole year, just to publish it, so you are saving about 90% of your money with the new system!

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.80 is Available

    @BigDav the tizen build is basically an HTML5 engine build, so any problems you'd find in the HTML5 engine would show up there.

  • Re: Advice on iOS Ad Network (for interstitial ads)

    chartboost for interstitial and rewarded videos
    Admob for banners
    in-apps to remove ads and sell an extra feature with it

    this combination pays my bills
    never tested admob interstitials but I think game salad also only supports rewarded videos by chartboost

  • Re: music not working

    I've seen this problem a couple of times.

    I'd recommend this: delete the music file and reimport it. Make sure the file name has no spaces or strange special characters -- I'd recommend using only letters, numbers and underscores.

    For example: Heather's Song #04.mp3 I would change to Heathers_Song_04.mp3

    You can even go all out and not use capital letters either.

    When I follow these guidelines I don't have any problems.

  • Re: Mac Creator Release 1.25.80 is Available

    tizen rejected the orcs version for good reasons :/
    Seems the tizen builds are really unstable.
    they even sent a video of the issues so their review team is top.
    But the build plays super stutters + crashes

    works without problems on iOS and some android devices

  • Re: low resolution particles, performance boost?

    It raises your fps but I don't think it will be a noteworthy amount.

    Tested with 200 particles on an iPod Touch 5, 512x512 -> 128x128 increased the fps by ~1.5.

    What has a much higher impact on your fps than the image size is how big the actual particles are but that wouldn't result in lower resolution particles but much smaller particles. Of course reducing the amount of particles is also a good way of gaining some fps.

  • Re: Just released my first game GeoLander, some thoughts about the project and the GameSalad

    @Armelline said:
    Never had this one happen either. Actors will be destroyed if they go too far off the scene (500px) but I've never even heard of actors going too far off and causing crashes.

    Same here, I must have done hundreds of projects where actors go zooming off the screen (beyond the 500+ pixel death zone) and have never had any issues at all.

    Just for completeness . . . you can move actors 500px beyond the scene, for example you could have a rule that says when mouse button is down change x position to 10,000,000 - otherwise change x position to 512 . . . and it will jump between the two positions as you press your mouse button (without being destroyed).

    And by the same token you can hide/store actors off the scene anywhere you like, so when an actor is not needed you can store it at x=10,000 and it will not be destroyed. It's only when an actor moves while outside the 500px area that it's destroyed.

  • Re: HTML5 bugs with animations (or booleans)

    The problems i faced on my html5 are :

    • Images are case sensitive so you need to make sure the image text attribute matches the image name or else the graphics will be invisible, Example , Actor was called Hero and i replaced the image Hero with hero , so the actor was invisible on html5 preview but played fine on other platforms.

    • not(boolean) does not work

    • particles dont always work

    • custom fonts are blurry

    • "restore actor image when done" in the animate behavior is accurate you need to tick it off cause it will cause issues especially in a platform game. When you turn right it will play the right animation and if you go left it will switch to idle animation and then switch to left animation. Or when you jump as you hit the ground it will switch to run animation then idle animation. When I switched it off everything worked fine

    You might have a tick on "restore actor image when done" im not sure , but this might be the problem.

  • Re: HTML5 bugs with animations (or booleans)

    Even without booleans it exhibited the same behavior. But I came around with a fix. It appears that when an animated is set by default, it'll mess the whole system up. Instead, I had to define a rule which will make the idle animation plays when no keys are pressed.
    Thanks everyone!