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  • Re: Moving on! - Just a quick update those who have been fantastic!

    Thanks everyone. I didn't intend to cause a stir, as I know tensions are high with the lack of consistent communication from the GS team. GameSalad lack of stable updates is not the major reason for my leaving. (Mainly due to constant harassment from users and clients)

    I have been using Unity3d for a while and has been fun, but my passion for Game development has also reached it's end. Going to explore other areas for a while.

    I am also disappointed that members have not felt their complaints are received or warrant responses or intentions to fix bugs. I know its a pain and hope the community can push through it.

    Personally, I would have liked to see a road map to put a lot of doubt at ease.

    Take care,

  • Error 1 publishing problems

    I am having an issue creating a build for Apple. I am getting an error 1 that talks about extra finder information being attached to the file. Apparently this is something that is new to the new OS and if you were to do a "show package contents" (guilty) that it adds extra finder info to the file. Was wondering if anyone has run into this and if they had found and understand a fix. The one i find when Googled, doesn't completely make sense to me.

    here is the actual error. Code Signing Error 1: /var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ replacing existing signature
    /var/folders/j6/q5kdtf4n7dv9w2p0d2msz8q00000gq/T/GameSalad0/2/ resource fork, Finder information, or similar detritus not allowed

    Thanks so much !!!

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    @Two.E, best of luck in your new ventures. You really did some fantastic stuff with Gamesalad. I'm certain you'll be missed.

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    GameSalad Community I am sorry for your loss. Best of luck @Two.E you are one of the few last standing community moguls left and the latest to throw the towel in.

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    Very sad to see you go, but the time having you here on the forums has been exhilarating. You have such mastery over the tool and your willingness to help others is inspiring. You’ve come up with some of the best gameplay mechanics I’ve seen from developers here. Best of luck to you, and please, stop by once in a while. I know we’d all love to see how things are going. :)

    Best of luck, mate.

  • Re: Make money? Market?

    I downloaded an app called udemy. There are great paid courses on this topic.

    The only IOS & Androis App Marketing course you will ever need (audio & PDF)

    The complete app marketing course (Visual)

    I found both of these helpful from key words, 3 App icons, Creating screen shots that look like the app in in use (There are programs to do this), PR, Moneterization etc.

  • Re: Interpolate Rotation - Control Clockwise / Counter-Clockwise?

    I'm using a template at the moment (bubble game) that uses a 360 degree for positive and -360 for negative. This works fine in desktop preview and when published to html5. However, the online creator shows the negative number as an error.

  • Re: Moving on! - Just a quick update those who have been fantastic!

    Hi @Braydon_SFX,

    I find it so strange that you say all these guys farewell instead of fixing all the problems Gamesalad has. You know what the problems are but somehow it isnt getting fixed and people are leaving.

    For instance, Im in contact with Alex but he cant reproduce the touch issues in the corners while a lot of people complained about this on the forums. All players who play my game complain about this. So how is Alex not being able to see it? It needs to be fixed as soon as possible!! I have invested more than $15000 dollars and all my free time over 2 years in my game but now I cant make revenue because my buttons dont work.

    Also the rewarded ads dont work anymore at the moment. You know this? My banner ads from admob dont work. On some phones static interstituals are shown as they should but on other newer phones on the same exact location the request page for the rewarded ads are shown. Often completely random my buttons dont change scene anymore and the game has to be restarted.

    So because of all these problems not getting fixed I have lost so much money because of your product.

    Can I expect you guys actually fixing these problems or do I need to ask for a compensation for my $15000 and 2 years of time?

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert Zwier

  • Video Ads producing white images

    Is anyone having issues with video ads in admob or chartboost. I was testing in testflight and the video ad final fantasy came on. You had to move towers etc on the add for you to be able to exit from the ad.

    Once I exited my app had lots of white where images should have been and also it removed my background image on every scene. When I deselected video ads in both platform this error not longer occurs.


  • Re: Windows version table import limit ?

    Using a virtual mac I've now discovered that the data was imported into the windows version. Rows beyond 100 were not shown and so could not be manually edited, but they were present - how odd!