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  • Re: Sharing something im working on

    Nice progress :)

    I like the enemy throwing stuff (and I really like the fact that it aims at where you are/where when the projectile is thrown), but I haven't got a clue what he's throwing ? And the projectile (whatever it is) seemed really big on first viewing ?

    Loved the way the hero/player's cape flutters when he jumps/lands, not noticed that before.

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 4-18-2017

    Feature suggestion , to spawn more than one actor from one spawn behavior , it gets messy when i want to spawn 5-10 actors together in one rule. If its possible or easy to do , it would make things organised.
    Something like this maybe . ( i didnt add "relative to" but just to get what i mean )

  • Snake it

    Snake iT gemaakt door Eda kilic

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    Snake iT

  • Re: Game images missing after ad shows

    hmmm.... wondering if this is also related to @Hideki Matsui 's issue I found?

  • Re: Piece Breaker, Available FREE for iOS

    Hi @Hideki Matsui ! - Tried your game, great! - simple, but really playable, love it... :smile:

    However, I have a testing Android device (Samsung S7 Edge, 32GB), which is NOT mobile data enabled (although ironically it DOES have a wireless connection enabled right now), and sliding my finger inadvertently into the Ad Banner area seemed to cause the app to throw up an 'unexpected error' (memory allocation for 82MB (?!) failing?)

    Although if I close the app (and I've also closed all others, to be sure) and re-open it from scratch, sometimes I now get the same error?

    Almost certainly not your app's code's fault, as it's probably the ad fetch behaviour not finding mobile connectivity, but if someone has their phone set up so your app cannot talk to the network, or simply doesn't have a connection at that point (mobile/wireless), I can see this causing you an unfair amount of app crashes?

    Might be worth checking on your device by turning mobile data and wireless off, then see if you can do anything to catch and stop this error, possibly even liaise with GS about it?

    Hopefully this helps!

  • Re: iOS Publishing using a non personal mac

    first one: No, you are not further bound to this mac.
    Using another machine requires you just to create a new keychain on this new machine, then you have to create new certificates using this keychain, then link the provisioning profiles to this certificates. Updating/Publishing your app with those changed certificates + prov. profiles does not create any issues.

  • Re: Upcoming Udemy Course!

    great work! Will definitely check this out. I love your stuff so will be keen to see how you operate