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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 12-11-2017

    @adent42 Update. Games works fine until this actor is opened and then it is broken. ie The rules is happily in the actor and behaving as expected until it is opened, then the attribute field becomes depopulated and breaks the game.

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    @adent42 Trying to work on a game in High Sierra with latest build and getting some strange things happening with attributes. When I open an actor I am getting these messages and my rule are then depopulated. I have no way of checking what the missing constrains are as having upgraded to HS I can no longer open previous versions to check them.

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    Published for iOS today x 2 and no errors given.

  • Re: Multi-Touch : How Many Touches?

    Are you talking about multi-touch points? In which iPod devices were limited to 5, and iPad devices were 10+?

    I stopped reading about the iPod Touches years ago, but at that time, it was limited to 5 touch inputs at once. Which would explain why 10 would work on iPad, and only 5 on iPods and lower iPhone models.


  • Re: State of GameSalad on 11-13-2017

    @unbeatenpixel can you send a link to your publishing page in to intercom so the team can take a look?

    We didn't change any of the IAP code, I just needed to add a certificate file back into the build to "fix" the issue. After that, we just did a basic purchase and things seemed to work as expected.

    So if there are problems, my guess is there are some timing changes in iOS 11 that means either behaviors will need to be adjusted or we'll have to make some changes on when/how we update the table. An example project will be a big help!

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    Functionally the IAP is working correctly for my game.

    The only issue I'm still seeing is graphically, it's not displaying some of the images in my shop.

    See screenshot below comparing the build running on Gamesalad and on iPhone 7s


    iPhone 7:

    Anyone else seeing something similar?

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    @adent42 said:
    iOS IAP should be fixed now. Cheers.

    Nope nope nope, this is the most messed up version I have ever seen.

    Some videos about new and old bugs;

    1- Double purchasing(most important new bug, I think)

    Current Gold: 1300 Purchase: 600

    Result: 3150 = 1300 + Product1(600) + Product2(1250)

    Current Gold: 50 Purchase: 1250

    Result: 1900 = 50 + Product2(1250) + Product1(600)

    2- I touch product4, it triggers product1(?) + that one stucks in ''pending status'' forever.

    3- Still consumable act like unconsumable(sometimes).

    Same build, I didn't change anything.

  • Re: Why are they building the web version without pro designers?

    I was curious what most engines look like. I only know a couple others. grabbed a few pics. I can't verify the accuracy but I thought it might be interesting to share. Not the best quality but you can search for yourself and have a closer look.

  • Re: Why are they building the web version without pro designers?

    @adent42 @ForumNinja

    Can anyone spot the problem here?

    @adent42 said:
    I'll personally take the hit for the "sentence" based UI. It was an experiment that didn't pan out as well as I would have liked.

    A more traditional UI like you've outlined is in the schedule (it was always planned for a >"pro" view,

    There's still a lot of design work to do on the "pro" UI (which unless I can figure out how >to save the sentence UI, will be the only UI going forward).


    • we have limited resources, but we've got a plan

    It's seems more logical to me to go straight to the point when one has limited resources,
    and not to spread yourself too thin with 2 design branches, sentence UI and pro UI should be one, called GOOD UI. Kids and pro both want clarity and ease of use..

    My first example respected your sentence UI scheme yet was streamlined and just as pro as anything, in fact i even increased sentence UI elements.

    I don't know if you guys saw the second example. which looses the sentence UI for better ergonomic placements.

    This one could have arrows icon instead of X and Y for the sake of the education sector but beside that, both of my example work for pro and education.

    Please don't waste your limited resources developing 2 UI, if you had a pro doing it, they would 've saved you that trouble already.
    You're not the first one trying a text flow UI, while I understand your logic and it comes from a smart place, it always ends up making it harder to use. You don't have to discover the rosetta stone, it has already been discovered.

    Let explain you why:

    A text flow UI is like a game tutorial that is constantly turning on while you try to play the game, even after you mastered the game.

    It may be good for the first day then it turns into a year of nightmares and wasted time very quickly

    What you really want to do is a very streamline interface with a interactive tutorial highlighting the UI with circles and pop up text for the first run thru.

    And long mouse over giving you a description.

    This is how the problem has been solved universally.

    This step should be implemented after the UI is completely finished.

    Please I hope you guys can lose this concept of pro and eduction UI distinction.
    A good UI work for both especially this generation of kids who were born with UI in front of them.

  • Re: Increase text size, beyond.

    Quit from GameSalad.

    If you don't know what you are doing, make a quick back up of the project, just in case.

    Open the package contents of the GS file (on a Mac this is right click > show package contents).

    Open the Actors folder.

    Locate the XML file for the actor that contains the Display Text behaviour.

    Open this file into TextEdit (or any text editor).

    Locate the size value for the text, change it to any value, hit save.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Tip: a quick way of locating the size value . . . when you are still in GS, change the text size to something easy to search for, for example 88.
    Then when you open the XML of the actor, just use the search function to search for '88'.