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  • Re: Help needed - Pinball Flipper + Ball

    Sort of like this?

    For a better version, you might try one of these paid templates: I haven't used any of them so I can't comment on how they are.

  • Re: Adding a trail behind an actor.

    @Braydon_SFX said:
    You can try and use particles. :)

    @tatiang said:
    Using a timer, spawn a small actor. Experiment with how often (every 0 seconds, every 0.2 second, etc) you spawn.

    Thanks guys! :)

  • Re: Portrait only game bug when launched while holding game in landscape?

    Just while I'm here I have to ask the obvious too, have you locked the orientation to only portrait (and only 1 portrait option, or it can still try to rotate 180 degrees, and possibly still affect it?), in your build/publishing options? not sure if it would fix it, but thinking if it's specifically set, it might help?

  • Re: Adding a scoreboard.

    You will most likely need to use a table to store the 3 best scores. I personally do not know how to do it but I think tables would be a good start.

    You can also search the forum i found a lot of different ways to do it there. Good Luck


  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    @Two.E said:
    I tried to take another look at the new creator, but I can't see a scene anywhere? I created a new one. And I can see the zoom in/out options. But nothing is there?
    Is this normal? Am I meant to another step. Have started several blank projects to test and the pre-made templates.


    No, that shouldn't be happening. What browser are you using?
    Have you tried a hard refresh (Cmd+Shift+R)?

  • Re: New GameSalad Viewer App Update - Live

    Yes i tried and as i said its awesome , what i like the most is that its not an html5 viewer , I thought the viewer would work through a link and we would have to open chrome on mobile to test ( like another engine i used) , glad this isnt the case . Really great job GS team !

  • Re: New GameSalad Viewer App Update - Live

    @ForumNinja said:
    @Icebox @tatiang @AlchimiaStudios Any of you guys try the QR method? Gotta say it feels pretty cool to just snap a code to play your project on a device :sunglasses:

    Yep, that's what i'm so hyped about haha. Pretty much only going to use this method from now on.

  • Re: Fade in/out individual sounds.

    I think the problem is that you start too far, and at those distances the calculation you use gives a negative number. As that is an invalid entry, the sound volume will stay at 1 instead. Later on, if you reach that distance, the volume has already been reduced, so it stays at that instead, and it works.

    I'd suggest wrapping the whole expression into a MAX function --> max(0,[your calculation])

    That way, the expression will never give you a number lower than zero and it should all work fine all the time.

  • Re: Fade in/out individual sounds.

    @geoascencio Can you show us the logic you're using to control the sound volume? It sounds like maybe the sound is being triggered before the attribute that controls its volume is set. I just tested and can confirm that attributes are applied to the sound volume immediately upon scene start, so it's possible the volume control is in an actor higher on the layer list than the sound?

  • Re: Web version features?

    I'll quote GS here , these are all the updates they gave us so far in order.

    • You can have multiple actor tabs open to quickly switch between actors that you want to view
    • (In regards to the point above) If you have an instance of an actor open, it tells you what scene that instance is on, and you can edit its logic when viewing a different scene if need be.
    • There's a button in the layers tab to hide individual actors for easier visual editing (and we want to have this option for entire layers as well, though it's not added currently).

    A reworked expression editor:
    * You can type in it and it’ll autocomplete your attributes / functions for you
    * There’s some very basic error handling
    * You can’t save an invalid expression
    * Tables now have their own section in the expression editor (i.e tables.PurchaseTable)
    * A search bar for actors, images, etc

    Reworked UI:
    * Plans to have dark and light UI
    * You can see instance attributes for an actor while in the scene view
    * Unlocking and locking attributes is more intuitive (there’s a little lock icon next to the attributes that you can toggle)
    * Adding tags isn’t as tedious now: You simply type the name of the tag you want for an actor in a Tags field, and if the tag doesn’t exist it’s added to the list of tags (no more needing to leave the actor view to add tags)

    • You can view, create, and edit game attributes while in the Actor view
    • Really common attributes (i.e color, size, rotation etc) are no longer in dropdown boxes
    • Some slight terminology changes to be more in line with actual programming languages (i.e rules now have the sections if, then, else)
    • Zoom 25% - 200% in 25% increments.
    • Auto-complete: Expression editor, Image selection, Scene Selection, Attribute selection (so they're no longer dropdowns).
    • Scene Editor multi-select + movement and resize.
    • Animation preview on animate behavior.
    • Tables - you can now insert rows and columns with a context menu (right clicking).
    • Sort. You can sort assets (images, sounds, fonts, scenes, actors) Alphabetically and by Add Date, forward and backward.
    • Search filtering. The libraries will filter based on a search box.
    • Hide individual actors.


    • Hide whole layers
    • For folders / grouping of actors, I'm looking to do universal tagging. I've always thought tagging is more powerful than folders. The plan would be to have a "folder view" for tags that would show all the tags as folders and let you dig in.
    • Asset inspector view. If you double click on a Font / Image / Sound, it would show you meta-data about the asset and let you preview it.
    • Snap to grid. This will be easy-ish to develop. Conceptually not hard, just enough
      moving parts that I don't want to rush it.

    • Error console. (List of project errors with direct links to the errors).