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  • Re: Google Play and Leaderboards - status?

    Google Play leaderboards are not supported at the moment...

    It´s been requested for a long time now, and we still do not have it implemented in GS. Witch, in my opinion, is kind of ridiculous, because it´s such a basic feature that it should´ve been implemented ages ago...

    Here´s a link to the feature request

  • Re: HUGE BUG -- Display Text not working on the App Store?!

    @LuappApps I don't think the Voces font is a native iOS font. Try importing the Voces font as a custom font back into gamesalad and test via iOS app deployed from testflight or installed directly as a .app file.

  • Re: Best way to do sword swing

    The simplest way and the better way is to do it with animation and spawning an invisible actor

  • Re: State of GameSalad on 7-19-2017 (Web Version Semi-open Beta)

    @AlchimiaStudios no set time frame, but we've been thinking that the native tools will be around for another year. To address some of your concerns:

    • The large project size problem is mostly due to server resource limits with Amazon Lambda (which I wasn't aware of when I created the import script using it). We'll moving off there so we'll be able to support all projects again. It's going to be part of the same effort to support app generation / publishing from the web tool which is starting this week.

    • Since we do app packaging (publishing) online, it means that you'll still get native engines publishing support in the HTML5 tool. We'll have to figure out a solution for desktop native preview, since browsers have more-or-less stopped supporting plugins, but we're already working on a way to use the mobile preview app.

    • While the underlying technology is HTML5, we're looking into wrapping the tool into desktop apps. This lets us share a lot of the same code-base, allows the interface to remain consistent across platforms (or not, but that'll just be a css change!), and make it possible to release to some platforms we haven't supported before (I really want iPad and Linux versions).

    Basically, we're gonna do everything we can to make the new tool a natural successor to the current desktop tools.

    The new tool will eventually work fine with most existing projects (I'm not gonna say ALL because some people do some funky stuff to their projects files), and until that happens, the current desktop tools will still be around.

    I hope that answers your concerns!

  • Re: Difference between "Play Music" and "Play Sound"

    When you import a sound/music file, you have the option to make it Music or Sound file within GS. I am not sure on what file types are supported for each.

    If you choose a sound file, it means you can adjust the volume/pitch etc. This is meant for sound effects.

    A music file is played in the background. It will carry over to different scenes. You can loop it, pause it, resume it.

    When you import a file, you will need to decide what it's purpose is and then select the relative option.


  • Re: Reseting Tables

    I recently did this for a icon trivia project. You will need a table called "Data".
    And then a table for each category.

    When you click on a category, you will copy table 'Category 1" into the "Data" table.
    This is how you will reset it each time.

    If you want to record what row the player was on. Have a different attribute for each category that stores the row number. And have a Main Attribute called Row_Count. (If you want to reset, you would change the Row Count to a value of 1.)

    That way, if Category #1 is selected. You wold copy the Table_Category#1 into Table_Data.
    Then if you want the player to pick off from where they started, you would copy the attribute value form Category One attribute, to the Row Count.


    Attached is A quick demo. You could go even better with functions, but that might over complicate things at the moment.


  • Re: Reseting Tables

    You might just need to rename the extension to .gameprojat
    As I am using Mac version.


  • Re: Reseting Tables

    Thank you tatiang, I will try that right now! I am going to try opening Two.E's file on a mac later today and check it out!


    It worked perfect on my example I work on before adding the logic to my actual quiz! Thank you so much!

  • Re: Wordgraphy now available on the App Store!

    I'm enjoying the game. Well done!

  • Re: What version of Gamesalad are you using?

    @8BitAvrin It could be instability but just to be sure I would double check for any rule conflicts that may be repeatedly firing or just being called too fast. Does your project have overlapping timers that might be in conflict or are multiple functions reading from or writing to the same table at the same time? Are any variables being saved over and over? Are there any actor objects moving outside of the screen more than 500 pixel units and then being called on?

    Because you're experiencing instability I'm guessing there's some complexity to the project and hopefully might just be simple rule fix.