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  • Re: State of GameSalad on 12-11-2017

    It turns out I missed a config change before releasing the build . I've patched it on the server side, so all should be well for now! Publish away!

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    @ForumNinja said:
    There's a new issue with the latest High Sierra versions where the "Dashboard" crashes after login.

    That used to be one of the feature requests in the past, to be able to close the "Dashboard," so call it an extra bonus! :wink:

    Thanks for the new version!


    FYI. We don't have a full release because of an issue with the Dashboard (where all the templates show up), but we'll be posting a "State of GameSalad" soon with a link to another beta build that fixes the core problem. At that time, we'll be unpinning this thread.

  • State of GameSalad on 12-11-2017

    Hello everyone, here's some updates.

    High Sierra

    We have a new beta update that fixes the attribute visibility issues. There's a new issue with the latest High Sierra versions where the "Dashboard" crashes after login. But if you look at the top menu, you'll notice that GS is still running. You can use File > New or File > Open to edit your existing projects.

    We should have a fix for that issue by next week. Here's a Dropbox download link for the beta:

    iOS 11 and iPhone X Support

    We're investigating some potential IAP issues still, but iOS 11 should be supported, as well as advertisement placements (mainly banners) for the iPhone X.

    Web Version

    We appreciate all the feedback in regards to the web version! It's very helpful. We pushed out an update over the weekend that includes pretty much everything that was mentioned in the last state of GameSalad:

    New Features
    - Undo
    - Added a setting for the changing of actor size when an image is applied to it.
    Previously: When an image was added the actor would change its width/height to match the image
    Now: Through the setting you can choose to have the actor resize to ½, ¼, ⅔, or the full size of the image being applied

    UI Updates / Changes
    - First pass of tighter UI elements (affecting behaviors, lists in the library, attributes, etc)
    - Dragging of actors starts on "mouse down" and doesn't require a click first.
    - New Ways to organize Behavior Library (Unsorted [the default alphabetical], By Type, By Usage)
    - If a behavior is disabled, it's errors become warnings now.
    - Warning on deletion of attributes referenced in a behavior.
    - Support for basic expression validation.
    - New UI for hiding / showing sidebars.
    - Settings/profile stuff is now also available at the top-right of the page for more intuitive access.
    - Disabled behaviors appear faded
    - Up/down scrolling for logic stack while dragging a behavior added (hold the behavior near the top or bottom of the logic stack to scroll)

    Implemented Behaviors
    - Accelerate Towards
    - Buzz
    - Change Velocity
    - Change Size
    - Close App (formerly Quit Game)
    - Pause Music
    - Play Music
    - Stop Music
    - Show Banner Ad
    - Show "More Games" Ad
    - Keyboard Input (Now labeled: Show Text Input Dialog)
    - Load Attribute
    - Log Debugging Statement
    - Open URL Action
    - Rotate To Angle
    - Save Attribute
    - Save Table

    Bug Fixes
    - Firefox can now see actor previews. Number fields in behaviors will have more space.
    - Ability to type in negative numbers in fields (you could paste whole negative numbers or use the increment/decrement before to get negative numbers but you couldn't just type a '-')
    - Uncommon bug for sorting actors and scenes should be fixed.
    - Fixed bugs with layer reordering.

    Once again we appreciate all the feedback and will continue listening as we progress.

  • Re: How Do I Make Multiple Actors Spawn Simultaneously

    Depending on what you mean by "simultaneously," the answer is either "it's easy" or "you can't."

    Nothing can happen at exactly the same time as another event but you can get pretty darn close:

    Actor 2 just has a single Log Debugging Statement containing game.Time.

  • Re: Need "One on One" help-session to UPLOAD game to Google Play... I'LL PAY

    Ok, @Armelline has come to my rescue with a one on one session; I suggest others out there to request his help/service if you're having issues with publishing. There was no way I was getting through it on my own. - We stumbled upon a number of minuscule issues that if one does not have that extra "KNOW HOW" background, in computer terms, you won't triumph... or at least you'll lose an arm before making it happen.

    @pHghost I read you, and yes, certain publishing aspects are out of GS's control, and to make it worst, sometimes the method is updated and tutorials become outdated as well... but oh well. One on One is the way to go. Thanks for the post.

    @strag good to know I'm not alone lol.

  • Re: making old games in Gamesalad for fun, and learning. Mario Bros and Donkey Kong.

    How about some Atari 2600 lol. Activision's Robot Tank old classic game. I did take a few liberties with it, but it came out ok. Needs some TLC but I'm done with it for now.

  • Re: making old games in Gamesalad for fun, and learning. Mario Bros and Donkey Kong.

    @BBEnk cool, maybe they had GS in the 80s when they did those games ;)

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  • Re: Banner too big

    @Adrenaline said:
    The specs of the ad are determined by the orientation of your game and the ad provider. You can't swap a portrait ad into your landscape game. You need to adjust your game's visuals accordingly, sorry.

    What he said. Thanks for the answer, Adrenaline.