Tips, Tricks & Statistics for making a LITE & Full version of your app

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Dear All,
I thought I'd share a few tips that Ive used and that Many other developers use, and I'm sure they'll help some of you guys in the right direction as they re's been a few threads about this lately..

Assess the Market

Stop, Think, BE
You need to STOP and think about you're game, What re the most enticing levels with the most intriguing graphics? Or whats your favorite part about the game...
You then need to THINK of how you're going to incorporate this into a light version... Shorten it.. add the whole level or just have snippets of it in there...
Then you need to BE the consumer and again overlook you're game and find the most attractive points.. Which ones want you to buy the game the most...

So basically to attract users to a full game by having a trial version out there.. You need to make the trial version EXCELLENT but it need's also to have a cliffhanger (Something that makes the consumer want to keep playing or keep her/his high-score

Be the market

To make the consumer want to upgrade from the trial version you're goning to want as in step one to find the most enticing levels or segments of gameplay.. and incorporate BITS of them into the gameplay... Only BITS and Segments of them as we will want the consumer to want MORE...

Make the Market

So now you're going to make the market by having a pretty cool fun to play FREE app... But its limited.. That ONE last level that you've been sprucing up you're highscore for ends halfway... Or You have to upgrade to play it? Or perhaps you don't to make it that way, Perhaps you want the consumer to be able to finish the level and if they like it they can simply upgrade..
Well through analytics and statistics that I've researched the best way to get people to upgrade is have a level cut half way.. Or be in a Cliffhanger and have to upgrade to play it.. These methods are used by big shot devs... Its rare you see a "BIG studio Dev" let the consumer have one full level of a game as proven by statistics they are less likely to upgrade..

The Science's
As Psychology has shows CLIFFHANGERS are the best way to attract a humans attention, They are used everywhere in marketing now a day.. From reading the back of the book.. or a trailer for a movie... There is ALWAYS a CLIFFHANGER... because the human race wants to Know MORE, Play MORE, Enjoy MORE..... It's all about MORE MORE MORE and thats why marketeers and advertising companies and Developers have all adapted to methods such as CLIFFHANGER.... Psychologically, When the brain is on a thought trail thinking "Oh how am I going to kill the bad guy in this level" and then the level suddenly ends and it says for the consumer to upgrade, Although it may "Annoy" Some people, It is used by everyone and is the most successful form of marketing apps..

"""" How do I develop a Cliffhanger?, What is a cliffhanger?, How do make the best Cliffhanger I can?, Should the Cliffhanger be on the best level or last level?""""
Well Clearly the cliffhanger is generally on the best, most stunning, most enticing level... Thats what attracts the consumer the most... Then YOU yes YOU (You can't pay someone to do it) has to decide using step 1 which is the best level to integrate the cliffhanger into, and When its going to come up?
Is it going to come up before the level? No... It has to come up the start, middle or generally just before the end of the level.. It has to be before the point of emphasis in the level or segment of gameplay.. It has to make the consumer want MORE MORE MORE....

I hope this will help everyone on their developing journeys!, And as always you can contact me on my site and more ;)
I think these two quotes emphasizes lives of developers everywhere "An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching." "Be the change that you want to be in the world"

Cheers, (I hope this helps at least one person out there and that will be my goal for the day :) )


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