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Hi, if you don't know, especially if you've just started with app-making, there's a simple thing to consider which is obvious but can still take time for "the penny to drop". That is, no matter how good your app is, if no one knows it's there you've a 99.999% chance of hardly any downloads. (Whether you like it or not, you have to compete for attention with approx. 1000 other apps submitted every day (for Apple, at least) which the majority will find their way into the store; not to mention the million+ apps already in the iTunes store.

So marketing is key; but... this can be expensive and a lot of times, there's the chance you'll be pouring money down the drain, so be careful there, especially with PR companies promising you incredible coverage for fifty quid, for example.

One press release site which seems quite solid - and some people have got good results from - is prmac. ( http://services.prmac.com/pricing/ ) Their services range from free to Extended Distribution ($22.95) and more.

For interest, I'm finally going to start using this company for my three existing apps, as well as the fourth one I'm working on at the moment (and any subsequent apps as well).

Another way to get your app known - again, if you haven't realised, or don't know - is to get a review site to review your app. This way can have a really dramatic effect on your sales especially if you're given a good review from a big site.

There's quite a few lists of review sites floating about so here's just one I found this morning, a blog post called "The Holy Grail List of App Review Sites (100+ and Counting)" which includes a spreadsheet with all of the sites listing + other info, number of Twitter followers to the site, for instance. http://www.appbattleground.com/2013/10/26/best-app-review-sites/

Here's another list although a lot are probably the same as on the list above: http://maniacdev.com/2012/05/ios-app-review-sites

Hope this is of help to someone, even if it simply spurs you on to get your app "out there" a bit more so as to generate more sales...that's my aim, wish me luck! I wish you luck too. :-)

Any more marketing tips/advice, etc for everyone? Why not post here?

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