Tizen & Appbackr program updates 20-May-2014

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UPDATE 20-MAY-2014: We just paid out Appbackr incentives for everyone who had received an offer and successfully published prior to the 2/28 program conclusion. Check your PayPal!

UPDATE 30-APR-2014: We just paid out the $50/app incentives to everyone who had successfully published prior to the 2/28 program conclusion. Please check PayPal!

UPDATE 24-APR-2014: We've received Payment from Intel and are preparing to pay out the $50/app incentives to everyone in the system who submitted prior to the 28th of Feb. It takes a few days for that amount of money to transfer into PayPal, but based on past transfer times, I would expect payments to be processed sometime in the middle of next week.

PLEASE BE SURE your payment settings are correct in before then.

Unfortunately we are still in a holding pattern with Appbackr. I am optimistic this will be resolved soon, but lawyers and contracts are involved, which is slowing things down.

UPDATE 13-MAR-2014: We're approved by Intel, all free months will be distributed next week.

We received confirmation from Intel that the 1,000 apps were approved, so we'll be crediting everyone's free months next week. The $50/app incentives will be paid as soon as we receive payment from Intel, but we have invoiced them so the ball is rolling.

Thank you to everyone who responded to the email regarding verifying game details for Tizen/Appbackr submissions. We are collating this information and submitting that final list to Appbackr. I will keep you posted as we get new information.

UPDATE 28-FEB-2014: we have hit 1,000 apps! Post updated accordingly.

Hey folks!

I know there has been a great deal of activity (and many questions) about the Tizen and Appbackr programs and I wanted to jump in here to give you an update on what's happening and how things will be proceeding.

Let's start from the top:

-- WE HAVE HIT 1,000 APPS! Thank you for participating! (Only apps submitted prior to 2:53 pm CT on Friday, 2/28 will be eligible for publishing incentives.)

-- Tizen incentive payouts: once we receive confirmation that Intel recognizes our 1,000 verified published apps, we will invoice them. Typically it takes us about 30 days to receive payment, so if we hit the cap this week, that gives you a rough idea of the timeline.

-- Free months: free months have been processed for all known validated submissions as of the 1/31 report from Appbackr. Once we have verification from Intel regarding the rest of the submissions we'll go ahead and process them too.

-- The Appbackr program was wildly successful and has now reached their cap. No new submissions will be eligible for Appbackr incentives and we will be paying out incentives to previously submitted apps every month as we get confirmation and payment from the Appbackr folks. Most of the January batch will be paid out today, but we have done some auditing and discovered that some folks weren't matched properly by Appbackr (mostly because of name changes) so I am working with them to identify those apps so we can get you paid. February's apps and all remaining Appbackr participants who got in prior to the cap should be paid next month.

-- I have a call with Appbackr later this afternoon (2/28) to go over a number of questions and open issues with them and will update once I have updates to share.

-- On general "how is Tizen doing" questions: we really don't have any inside information on this but the feedback we're getting from partners is that they're happy with the promotions and what our community was able to bring to the table. Both Intel and Samsung are huge backers of the Tizen project with lots of resources, so we think that bodes well.



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