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Thank you for visiting my free game assets thread.

I'll be posting all of my free game assets here as they are released on my website,

Everything on my site is free to use in personal & commercial projects without attribution or royalty fees. See the full licence details here.

Downloads include PNGs or JPGs that you can drop un-edited directly into Game Salad but you can also modify/customise the art using the included vector files.

Requests for free art is prohibited on the GS Forums so I've created a blog post on OpenStock where you can leave feedback on what types of files you are enjoying and what you would like to see me produce more of in the future.

You can visit my site at and follow me on Twitter & Facebook for all my new releases.

You can get in touch with me directly via email:

  • Paul

Note: Please don't post your own free artwork in this thread, there is a general free artwork thread for that or discuss with admin about starting your own thread.



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