Sausage Pinball - My first game & For the love of my hometown

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Hello friends :smile:
I'm Smite.
I'm really exciting that my first game is on the app store now.

Few months ago, I visited a Sausage Factory and saw there is a old sausage pinball.
It's look like over 40 or 50 years.
When I saw the sausage pinball, it remind me that my father said when he was a kid, he like to play this game ,and he said he was master on that , always earn the sausages.
Sausage Pinball is a gamemachine, it always with the street pedlar of sausage BBQ in early Taiwan.
People can buy the Sausage BBQ immediately, or pay money to play sausage pinball, when winning , you can earn how much sausage BBQ that you got.

Now, sausage pinball is very very rare. Most young man or kids never play this game.
I'm very wish I can let old people remember this childhood game or let youngers contact this retro game.
I'm trying to make this app, but I never develope game before.
3 months ago ,I went to a bookstore and find the book about GameSalad. I was excited because it looks like I can find a easier way to make a game. I bought this book and start to learn GameSalad.

I'm so happy that I made Sausage Pinball app by myself.
When I finish that, I let my father and father's elder brother play this game, they all love that,and tell me more about their childhood memories, it's let me so happy.

Friends, I hope you can try this game.
Perhaps it's not a high quality game, but I try to do my best made this retro game.
This is for my love of my hometown.

I made Sausage Pinball for [Free version] & [Paid version]
[Free version] have a classic normal1 mode.
[Paid version] have 2 sausage pinball, 4 modes include normal1&2 ,color and challenge mode.

This is the app preview video

Free Version on the App Store
Paid Version on the App Store

There is a free version.
I also made a leaderboard.
Just wonder how much scores everybody get :blush:
Hope you have fun with that
Thanks a lot!

p.s. Sorry for my bad English, I'm not good on that.


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