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Aryaveer+GargAryaveer Garg Posts: 9Member
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I made a new game it would be great if you give it a try. Any suggestions would be appreciated. iPhone giveaway as soon as app receives 100k+ downloads.




  • ToqueToque Posts: 867Member, PRO

    Nice little game. Seems kinda original to me.

    Colours are okay. I like the Icon.

    Spinning buttons are really distracting. I would kill that.

    Slide down info menu is nice. Music is danceyish. I would change music from menu to game play. Or kick down with the same song and repeat.
    Should be a noise when you click on your block. Success ding.....
    I wouldn't have "modes". I would have levels. Reward the player for keep playing.
    The different modes make the game a little interesting.

    Best of luck with it.

  • Aryaveer+GargAryaveer Garg Posts: 9Member

    Thank you for the appreciation i'll keep the points in my mind and work on them as the future updates come.

    Thank you "Toque"
    -Aryaveer Garg

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