Anyone know what to do if someones stolen your games and selling them on the Apple Store?



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    print your name all over it!
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    Oh dear :(

    Dr. Sam Beckett never returned home...

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    Mateen Pekan is a known scammer, and not just in the gamesalad world. I think the only reason he is able to get away with it is because he is under 18 and people have difficulty suing him. He is based out of Canada, and if I remember correctly @tshirtbooth might have even called him.
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    Sadly any game made with GameSalad is open to copying, because GS doesn't change the file at all once its been uploaded, anyone with a little bit of knowledge can get to the original GS file and open it in GS no problem, hopefully the native engine will fix this.
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    @jamies15-3 while that's easy enough to do with a gamesalad game (extracting the project file that is), anyone with sufficient knowledge can crack any game out there, as is evidenced by the multitudes of cracked games available as torrent downloads. There's nothing you can do to STOP the pirates except for reporting to the authorities on a case by case basis. Native Engine won't help you here I'm afraid, but it might deter the dumber pirates out there ;)
  • cnmeyer1980cnmeyer1980 Member, PRO Posts: 211 I've got the runner template removed too :) cheers. Chris
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    the only way to stop this kid is going to be getting a big group of people he has ripped off and suing him and his parents. ultimately the cost of suing him is more than you would ever gain from this prick. which is the main reason none does it. however making his parents eat the cost of his actions might possibly wake them up and do something about him.
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    Well, the little dork has put the templates up on the site again for sale.

    His email is
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    Just for everyone's interest, this is the reply from

    I know some may think 'just leave it', but to be honest, if there's a way of preventing 'some' pirates, then I'm all for naming, shaming and banning.


    Hi Chris,

    We are still reviewing this case.
    We had deactivated the listings last night to allow us some time to review, but the user had resubmitted new ads before we could finish our review.

    Even if we find enough information to ban this user from our site we are limited in our ability to prevent new users from signing up as other users to post new ads. We depend on our community to help police content within our social network.

    Here is what I'll suggest:
    1) Write a public comment on each ad letting our community of potential issues with the ad and/or author
    2) Write a review for the author in question and let everyone know of potential issues with the author. Provide a rating and relevant information that others can use to make a decision. Reputation ratings are an important factor in an author's success.
    3) Contact the author directly and send them a cease and desist letter if you believe your legal rights have been violated.

    These actions will help out greatly and allows our community to police content on our site. If enough reviews are published it will make it very difficult for authors to invest in purchasing new ads on our site. This approach has helped weed out many of the bad apples. This helps increase the reputation of listings an our site in general. We believe in full transparency in everything we allow to be posted in our community. The 99.9% of the folks within our community are absolutely honest and we've had great success over the years. It's unfortunate that there is that .1% that try to ruin it for others.

    We take these matters very seriously and will do our best to review.
    We also highly suggest contacting a legal professional to help with the matter as we are not able to provide any legal advice.

    We hope to finish our review within 2 weeks and decide whether or not we will ban this particular user and their ads from our community.

    Thanks again,

    Vassilios Pantazopoulos

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    @basil81 Yeah I'm well aware how easy it is to get pretty much any game or software for that matter but with GS its even easier still. Few of my games have been popping up on cydia store, even though they are free anyway :P.

    I'd say the best way to protect your game and IP is to have a good marketing campaign before and loads of details on your website displaying the date you released your content as then if it does go to dispute you have all the evidence to prove that the content was copied.
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    I just hope this isnt another case of reverse engineering! Makes me sick!
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