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Hi, new to GS still learning.
I have a ipad landscape project with scene length of 5000 and the camera moves forward as the actor moves.
I want the camera to move forward when actor moves forward but stop when the actor moves back so actor can only go back to the camera left edge where ever it is on the scene.
How to stop the camera from moving all the way back to the beginning?

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  • pHghostpHghost London, UKPosts: 2,280Member
    Accepted Answer

    The camera is in two parts, size and tracking area. Simply make the tracking area extend to the left edge, so the camera doesn't get controlled when the actor is to the left from the screen centre.

    Then you will need to make a rule, which will stop the actor from moving once he gets to to the edge. You can either do that with math (min, max functions) or simply put an invisible wall there, moving with the camera, to stop the actor.


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