Need Zombie Animal Animation Graphics

dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Member Posts: 620
I've been making substandard games for over a year now and the main thing that is keeping me from succeeding is the graphics. At least I think it is. My other problem is I just turned 15 and don't have an online banking account. What I was hoping was that someone would be interested in a trade. I have a $25 Barns & Nobles gift card and a $10 Apple Store gift card. Would someone trade for some animations of walking zombie animals? I don't know what graphic prices are so could someone let me know if there interested or if this sounds ridiculous. Also, please don't suggest I make my own graphics. I have been doing it for a while and the results are disastrous.


  • ozboybrianozboybrian PRO Posts: 2,102
    Probably best you get some Cash together.

    I found some people who work from $8, $16 and $25 per hour. Which is reasonable if you plan on selling your games.
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  • dmilinovichiiidmilinovichiii Member Posts: 620
    I have the money, but how would I transfer the money without an online account?
  • micksolomicksolo Member Posts: 264
    Do you have a bank account? You can get paypal account and hook it up to your normal bank account, but you will need to be able to check your bank account because paypal will credit your account with a few cents which you need to verify. Once you're verified you can with paypal and it will deduct from your bank account.

    Other option is to buy a pre-paid credit card (although you might need to be over 18 to get one of these?), which you can pre-load with cash. In Australia we can buy them from the post office and I'm sure a quick google you'll be able to find where to get these from. If age limit is a problem then just ask your parents to get it for you. Surely your parents can help out in this regard too?

    Alternatively, you could go to a local college and find people doing digital art, and then you can just give them cash directly, might also be a good way to meet and work with local people which in my experience, is always better than workign with someone online.

    Another option is a money transfer service like Western Union.

    Or if you're working with someone in the same country, get their bank account details then find a local branch of their bank, and deposit the cash right into their account.

    You'll need to be upfront with the artist about how you're going to pay them too, otherwise you risk losing their trust pretty quickly.

    Good luck champ.
  • micksolomicksolo Member Posts: 264
    Oh and another thing, I doubt you'll get anyone to work for a few vouchers, if you want professional art done, you'll either need to pay for it, or offer revenue sharing on the money you make from the game.
  • magic101himagic101hi Member Posts: 713

    Here is a free sprite for all to use.

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