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【ツ】GS Demo【ツ】 Game Center

MarkOnTheIronMarkOnTheIron Member Posts: 1,447
edited November -1 in Working with GS (Mac)
Hi everybody!

I made this simple Game Center template to speed up the process of implementing GC on my games. Then I thought that it would be helpful to many of you.

This is only one way of doing this, there are surely other methods. But so far this works for me.

It has a pop up message on the first scene to inform you that GC is available and ask you if you want to enable it. Then there is a setting scene with a button to enable/disable it.

Unfortunately for you I'm not very good at making well commented templates so it's better to open every single actor in the scene to see the rules.

Heres the GS link, apparently it doesn't work on the web but if you search on the creator for GS Demo or Game Center you should find it:

Here's a link to directly download it, I included the Game Center popup .psd file so you can edit it and personalize it:

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Free high score demo here (simple) and here (advanced)


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