Sound Lag problem on 0.94

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I've noticed this problem when i import the game to my iPhone4. I have 1 scene and when its loaded after 2 sces i set it to play 1 of the 3 random ambience sound that i have. Each sound has a 7 secs duration. Then i set it to play sounds again every 10 secs. Now i noticed that whenever it play a sound a sudden lag will appear. It's quite obvious on my game coz i have a bit of snow particles falling. I tried to turn off the sound behavior and the lag is gone. I only use simple rules in playing the sound file and i didnt use timers.

Anyone experienced this as well?



  • gamesmoldgamesmold Member, PRO Posts: 277
    Hi drahc,

    I know this issue, but it occurs only once for each sound per scene.
    So I guess it's simply due to loading/decoding the sound into ram. My solution: One actor that loads all sounds at once at the beginning of a scene, but with zero volume and running only for 1 second.
    Then all my sounds played instantly without any lag.

  • AppsRacKAppsRacK Member Posts: 346
    Thanks Gamesmold im gonna try this workaround later.
  • AppsRacKAppsRacK Member Posts: 346
    Ok just tested it and i think it works but sometimes i can still see some lag when the sound is playing again. Anyway i hope this bug will be fix on the next release.
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