Retina Support

SAZ_1SAZ_1 Member Posts: 397
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i've got retina support ticked on my game... but with 0.9.4 my game looks considerably more sharper then it was previously on the iphone 3GS .. does it mean retina support wasn't working before or something? and is it safe for me to have that in my game description (i.e. supports retina display?)


  • gamesmoldgamesmold Member, PRO Posts: 277
    Unfortunately, they only look sharper because in the 0.9.4 viewer they don't get downsampled on low res devices. Due to this bug, the 3GS also gets the high res versions of the graphics. But it is only in the viewer, once you publish your app, you will see the downsampled (and thus a bit blurrier) images on your 3GS. And a better performance, as they are 4 times smaller again.
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