has update 0.9.4 still sound problems?

JolandaJolanda Member Posts: 82
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I have a question:
Does anyone know if they fix the sound problem in the new 0.9.4 update?

After the update 0.9.3 my project changed the sound files into: com-xxxx (xx stands for several different numbers), I can't delete them out of my project and the sounds can't play of course. Even if I had the update 0.9.4 now...

If I put new sound files into it like .mp3 of .ogg, it don't play neither.
My mac plays all the sounds well, so I have all the right codecs.

So I would like to report to the tech-support that there's still a bug in the new 0.9.4 update!


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