Strange image memory usage

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Hi, When my iphone game loads the initial scene uses 40 images which total just under 2mb in total (I haven't optimised them yet). But when I load the game on my device the remote preview always shows image memory usage in excess of 25mb!! (and total memory of 41mb). the project size is 4.7mb.

Is this a 9.3 bug or something else going on?



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    This is because a stored graphics file is compressed and when opened it occupies more space than it does on disk.

    Hope that helps.


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    Thanks for answers. The file sizes when I look in package contents are exactly the same as the raw images before I import them in GS. So when they are compressed and uncompressed in gameplay I would expect to see them back as 2mb and no more.

    TSB - didn't know that but it makes sense as I do have some full screen images that I will now look at reducing/changing somehow.

    Cheers guys.
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