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Artist/Animator Needed [PAID]

DBiggyDBiggy Posts: 1Member

I am looking for an artist/animator to create all the graphics for one of the games I am currently working on. It's a top down shoot-em-up, and although the game mechanics are almost complete I havn't completely settled on a graphical style so I am keen to see portfolio's and examples of any interested artists, even if you feel you are not suited to this particular game.

I will need ALL the graphics, so that is characters, backgrounds and everything in-between, although this game is quite simple so don't be put off by this.

The payment available will be realistic but is negotiable, depending on the work done. I am hoping to form a good working relationship with the right artist or artists that I can take into other projects.

Please send me your portfolio's or examples of your talents to zedonkztudioz (at) gmail (.) com

I hope to hear from interested applicants soon.


  • GnomerGnomer Posts: 292Member
    I would not be able to do the whole game, but if there are any small bits and bobs that you need then i am able to do these for you for a very small price. In terms of a portfolio, send me a message of something that you might want - A character, or an obstacle (for example a crate) and i will make one and send it to you as a demo of what i could do for you.

    Contact me : [email protected]

    Or post a reply here.

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