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App Validation Failed! Help Please

osucowboy18osucowboy18 Posts: 1,307Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Hey everyone,

So I am working on an update to one of our iPad apps. I just published a version to test on my iPad, which I have used to test other apps before without any issues. However, this time when I installed the file, everything appeared to be working. Then, when I opened the game on my iPad, I saw my splash screen for about 2-3 seconds, then I got a message box telling me "Validation Failed: This game's publishing license is not valid". I restarted my iPad, removed the app from my iPad, reloaded it onto my iPad, and the same error occurs. I went into the iOS Provisioning Portal and checked that all my certificates and provisioning profiles were valid and that my iPad was listed under the "Devices" section of the provisioning profile, and it was. So I'm not quite sure what the problem is. If anyone has any tips that might resolve this issue, I would love to hear them. Thanks,

- Alex

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