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Meeting Run HTML 5

epsilonstudiosepsilonstudios Posts: 40Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Seems as though my game on html 5 is completely broken, and it seems there are tons of people who are having the same problem. Is gamesalad doing anything to combat this plaque?
My game seems to be going through several graphical glitches, that being least important. The main problem I'm having is that colliders seem to be ignoring each other.


  • GamersRejoiceGamersRejoice Posts: 817Member
    Are your collide behaviors part of rules or just by themselves? I wonder if there are some rules that aren't triggering so your colliding isn't working
  • epsilonstudiosepsilonstudios Posts: 40Member
    I just checked it out and the collide is apart of a group, I wonder if that has anything to do with it. I haven't had time to re-upload it to see if that fixed it.
  • outasiteoutasite Posts: 417Member
    I'm having he same problem here with Prismo.
  • epsilonstudiosepsilonstudios Posts: 40Member
    @ outasite

    sure looks like there is a problem with yours as well, makes your a lot easier though ha ha. How do you have your collider set-up?

    Another thing is that the display Text doesn't work at all.
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