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GameSalad Logic/Coding Only Template

zakk123zakk123 Posts: 1Member

First of all let me say hello and thank you for taking a look at my post and for the interest in my project! I am trying to track down a GS wizard to help me with some custom work! I have of course a small budget and I understand the limitations of that which is why I have focused my initial project on a code and logic basis. Therefore, the task I was hoping you could help me with is not a full out design.

I am in need of a template that is stripped down with no artwork...just dummy placeholder blocks or images. I just need the basic logic and functionality so that I can work the design elements into it and tweak the logic as necessary when I move forward with future changes. The logic that I need is based around a random grid type of system. I need each level to generate a grid that can change available "tile" locations as the levels increase the grid gets bigger. There are a few other elements that I also need but that is the main element...

So anyways...I just need someone that has some rapid skills in GS to help me turbo start this thing so I can take it and run with it. Please let me know your thoughts! I look forward to hearing from you. Also, I will of course share more details once I hear back from you and elaborate more on the specifics...I know my description is very vague!



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