Confused on how to make an iPhone App

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Ok.. I have looked around and I am a bit confused on how to make a iPhone App. We saw this app on CNET showing how kids can use the software in a class to make an app so my son wanted to try. I develop for a living so I downloaded the app and I understand how to get a basic game working.

So question is if I just want to get it onto my own iTouch or iPad can I do this or do I need a full developer license if I am not planing on uploading it to the store (Now). Based on the CNET story I was expecting a button/menu option that generated the binary that I can just drag into my iTunes. Is there a link on this process as I am having a hard time finding one.


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    You can only publish to web or non AppStore Mac versions without a developer license. Any iOS versions will need an Apple developer license. Also just use the GS viewer, which is the play without publishing version you will need apples developer account. Sorry man
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