Updating Scores for Multiple Leaderboards bug?

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I recently upgraded to the pro account for the game center behaviours. Right now I'm having two issues which I'm not sure are my faulty programming or GS bugs.

1) Can't update scores for multiple leaderboards
- Essentially, when the game ends I want to update 3 scores to separate leaderboards. I have 3 'post score' behaviours on separate timers set to activate at 3 different intervals during the 'Game Over' scene (1s, 3s, and 5s) because, as I understand it, you can't activate multiple game center behaviours at the same time. The problem is, only 1 of the scores ever updates this way. To make sure I had the leaderboard identifiers set up correctly, I made separate 'post score' buttons for each of the 3 LBs which were activated on touch. Using separate buttons this way, each score posted properly to the respective leaderboard. However, I really want the scores to update automatically, rather then force the player to press a 'post score' button for each of the 3 separate scores.

Is there a way to automatically update all 3 scores properly or am I stuck forcing the player to press a 'post score' button for each leaderboard?

2) 'View leaderboard' behaviour only shows one leaderboard at a time
- Similar to the problem above, I only want to use one 'view leaderboard' button to access all my leaderboards. I understand that it would default to only 1 of my 3 leaderboards each time, however do most GC games not have a little button in the top left-hand corner of the GC leaderboard screen that lets players change which leaderboard they are viewing (i.e. Super Stickman Golf)? I have read at least one other post with the same issue which never got an official response. Anyone wanna help me with this?


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    Bump - I could really use some help with this
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    From What I Understand they are looking into the leader board not having an option to see to view a list of all of them. Essentially Its most likely an issue on Apples end as GameSalad has nothing to do with the GameCenter Code. Just the code to load GameCenter. But I don know I have talked to them in the last few weeks about that bug and they where looking into it last I checked.
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    Thanks tenrdrmer, I really appreciate the update.
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