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v0.9.7 asks for "confidential info in keychain"?

Danneman101Danneman101 Posts: 59Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Just updated to 0.9.7 and now GS keeps asking for access to my keychain:

"GameSalad wants to use your confidential information stored in 'GameSalad' in your keychain."

Why is this asked for, and what does this mean?



  • TheGamerTheGamer Posts: 94Member
    Yeah, I would like to know as well.
  • RumiRumi Posts: 343Member, PRO
    This is because when you update it moves the old gs to trash and replaces the old one. Ever notice how you can automatically log in without having to retype your data? Thats because its stored in your keychain access. Now the new gs has to access that data!
  • TheGamerTheGamer Posts: 94Member
    Got it, thanks Rumi.
  • Danneman101Danneman101 Posts: 59Member
    Suspected as much - great answer, thanks a lot :)
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