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Timer is off after most resent update.

MeatamirMeatamir Posts: 16Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I have a basic timer in my game that used to work before the update. The code added .01 to my timer variable every .01 seconds. This used to work fine but now I end up with a time that looks like 24.45002. Any suggestions.


  • floydianspiralfloydianspiral Posts: 308Member, PRO
    Myself and others made a post about this a couple days ago. I have contacted GS about it but haven't heard back yet.
  • MeatamirMeatamir Posts: 16Member
  • floydianspiralfloydianspiral Posts: 308Member, PRO
    I still haven't received any acknowledgement from the staff or at [email protected] and don't understand why, this is definitely an issue but it isn't getting picked up too much in the forums...we can't be the only ones experiencing this problem?
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