Glitches on actor rules in 0.9.7 / crash report

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Its really started to bug me now as i recheck and recheck my prortypes and then scene variations on actors but basically sometimes the rules work and sometimes they dont. On both my macbook pro and my ios4 device. Its very frustrating when its a menu system and it goes to the worng scene but its more frustrating when its an actor that when collides should add points into a global variable. Even with a scene reset button it doesnt always work and its getting very frustrating.

I dont know how to report a bug or get the 'pro' support im entitled to

Any ideas or is anyone else having problems with nonprototype scene specific variations of actors not working correctly.

Whatever it is is causing crashes and report sends so it something going wrong within GS


  • LaurenSaladLaurenSalad Inactive Posts: 650
    Hey @arcticsunrise,

    Sorry about the issues you are having! To receive technical support, please email our customer support team at

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    Boom Beaten by GS
  • arcticsunrisearcticsunrise Member Posts: 159
    thanks alot ill email - really on a tight deadline with a game to be delivered to client on thursday morning and for some reason these errors have appeared. its like evry 9 times in 10 it works the rest of teh time it seems my rules like dont exist or soemthing.

    ill mail like you said thank you Lauren
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