still crashing on 0.9.71

hich4mhich4m Member, PRO Posts: 142
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i'm having hard times with game salad , it crashes at least 4 times in 1 hour . is there someone who is having the same issue ?


  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef Posts: 9,934
    GameSalad has always gone in weird Spurts. Sometimes I can work hours on end without a crash and sometimes I can work 10 min. Just save often and power through.

  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878
    Same here sometimes. Sometimes it runs for hours.
    Indeed as tenrdrmer says: Save save save!
  • entersimonentersimon Member Posts: 269
    Until 1.0 comes out I would recommend saving your projects in multiple files. For example, your first save will be "game", the second save will be saved as "1game", the third save will be "2game", and so on. Once you get to "10game" you can cycle back through the first ones.

    This is good to do in case something majorly wrong happens or if you can't figure out exactly what went wrong with your new code. You can check back inside a version of your project that you know was working fine and use it as a reference. This type of practice also opens the mind to the idea of experimenting with the code because you know you won't lose any work since you can always just open up an earlier version of the game.
  • hich4mhich4m Member, PRO Posts: 142
    for saving files it's okay , i'm using subversion , it's just that it's really annoying that it's crashing that often :( ....
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