Gamecenter leaderboads problem?

pixel_knightspixel_knights Member Posts: 50
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I've setup a scene with 2 links on it, each to a different leaderboard for same game.

When I initially visit the scene, all is well, i log into sandbox, it takes me to the leaderboard. But when I click "done" on the game center screen i'm returned back to my game ok, but i'm not able to click any of the leaderboard links again until I go back out to main menu.

Also, once i'm back on my main menu and click my "leaderboards" link to take me back to the leaderboard screen, instead of taking me there it just loads up the gamecenter leaderboard automatically again? I've checked and i've no behaviours which link that button to a leaderboard, just to open a scene. And there's nothing in the scene or it's actors to automatically load up a leaderboard.

Does anyone else have a similar issue?



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