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Actor moves and sticks to wall alone !

HameedRashedHameedRashed Posts: 15Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
So the thing is, i just published my game a week ago, the rating is fantastic and un expected, but there's only this one problem that's keeping me away from the perfect rating.

my game is a ball that you move left and right to avoid colliding with cones and to score goal . it's a Soccer( Football ) game. the Error keeping it away from the perfect rating is that my ball sometimes in advanced rounds gets stuck to the left or right and you have to press on it once to work normally again, and every time i click pause when i resume the game the same thing happens, but with the pause it happens every time you resume the game. i'm looking to update the game this weekend to fix this bug (Glitch).. so please please please help me ASAP give me any suggestions, or if anyone is willing to take the project and try to fix it for me !

Note it's my first application and its free, if you wanna know what i'm talking about download it and see for yourself it's called: Doodle Goal (Golden)
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