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Bug!!! Fx Sounds not playing when a separate Positional Sound stops

ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
edited 4:02AM in Tech Support
There is some kind of bug that causes my fx sounds not to play consistently. I first noticed this problem occurring all of a sudden after one of the releases of GS late last year or early this year, and the bug still exists. I had it occur again in a different situation today, and I think that I have found the common denominator for the bug....

It seems that when I have an fx sound playing that is check boxed as "Positional", and then that sound stops, due either to the actor that was playing the sound Destroying itself or a Rule that contained the play sound behavior no longer being valid, it causes other fx sounds not to play at that moment.

For example, I have a helicopter actor that plays a "Positional" helicopter sound until it gets hit by a bomb, at which point the helicopter sound no longer plays and a "non-positional" explosion sound is supposed to be played (by a separate Play Sound behavior in the same actor), but the explosion sound does not play. This also happens to me with another situation where an actor that plays a "Positional" sound Destroys itself at the same moment that it spawns another actor that is supposed to play a new "non-positional" sound, but the spawned actor doesn't always play its sound... sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

I'm pretty sure there is some kind of GS bug going on here, especially because this only started occurring after one of the GS releases, where before my sounds were working just fine.

Shouldn't be too hard to recreate this problem and then please fix it.

Anyone else experiencing this, or know of a workaround for it???? Please help, thanks


  • ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
    actually, I guess it doesn't matter if the first sound playing is check boxed as "Positional" or not. I unchecked the box for that, and the Bug still occurs, i.e. the second sound does not play.
  • ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
    Well, at least for the situation with a helicopter explosion, if I just allow the helicopter sound to continue playing during the brief explosion, the explosion sound will play properly. In this case, the explosion sound just drowns out the helicopter sound for that brief moment while the helicopter actor is being exploded before I Destroy it completely. (either the explosion sound plays in place of the helicopter sound, or more likely they are playing simultaneously, but only the explosion sound is really noticeable) When I have the helicopter sound stop playing though, it causes the explosion sound not to play.... obviously this is a bug in GS.

    The only way I can make it work right is by doing this silly workaround which uses extra code and seems not to be the most efficient method. I should be able to stop a sound from playing, either just before, just after, or simultaneously, with being able to start another sound playing. It shouldn't be giving the inconsistent results that it currently does using GS.
  • ARC_GamesARC_Games Posts: 78Member
    In this helicopter example, flying sound fx transition into helicopter explosion sound fx, both Play Sound behaviors are contained inside the same actor (helicopter), and the workaround fixes the problem essentially. But, in the other situation where I have this sound fx problem occurring, there are two actors involved, not just one. I have a bomb that drops and spawns another actor. the bomb plays a sound that stops when the bomb actor hits the ground and Destroys itself. Before destroying itself, the bomb spawns another actor that contains its own Play Sound behavior for a different sound, but that sound does not consistently play.... sometimes it plays, sometimes not. Since in this case, the first sound stops playing because the actor that plays it gets Destroyed, I don't know how to keep it playing so that its stoppage won't interfere (via the bug) with the newly spawned actor's request to play a new sound via Play Sound behavior. Hmmmm...

    Maybe I can just combine the actor somehow, and then let the first sound play during the second one.... not sure.....
  • azimpactazimpact Posts: 112Member
    Did you ever get an answer to this or fix it?

    After upgrading yesterday, I now have the same problem.
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