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white screen after custom spalsh...

pnolandpnoland Posts: 36Member
edited 11:27PM in Tech Support
Okay I upgraded to pro today (WOO!) and I am adding a custom splash screen to my game for my next update in the iOS store... which sounds good in theory but there is a problem. I am testing the build on my iPad and when I load the game up it shows my custom image for a split second and then this ugly blank harsh white screen for a few seconds before the game starts. Is there are specific reason for this? Kinda bummed if this is a bug since the pro price isn't exactly cheap lol

Any help or information on this topic would be greatly appreciated!



  • dudemangamesdudemangames Posts: 16Member
    I''m having the same issue, I would'nt care too much if there was a way to make it black instead. My splash is mostly black, and the intro to my game is mostly black too so it's really noticeable when this harsh white flash happens. Hope there is some kind quick fix for this because I'm about to upload to apple sometime tomarrow. A quick response would be awesome thanks,
  • tenrdrmertenrdrmer Posts: 9,934Member, Sous Chef, Senior Sous-Chef
    Unfortunately thats how the splash works right now. We have been asking for a while for them to change it. But they do have a lot on their lit of things to do and i'd say that one doesn't rank really high right now.

    It's not my fault I never learned to take responsibility for anything. ;)

  • dudemangamesdudemangames Posts: 16Member
    Looks like i might have to fix it with an update then, hey thanks for the quick response. GS community really is great. Between you, Tshirtbooth and photics I have no idea how you guys answer all these questions and still find time to make games. Many thanks,
  • pnolandpnoland Posts: 36Member
    I understand they have bigger things going in the next updates but maybe they should not have custom splash screens listed on the pro feature least not the first feature since it is broken at the moment. For now I will just leave the original gamesalad splash screen since it looks better than an image blip and blank white.
  • GruntGrunt Posts: 109Member
    Wait a minute! is it the same on the iphone build? it should be your screen for few seconds and then a white flash.
  • Rob2Rob2 Posts: 2,402Member
    It baffles me that such an easily corrected problem should take so long to fix - sometimes I think the resources at GS are spread very thin. We are still getting two intro videos bundled with our pro builds, nearly 400K of unnecessary baggage just because someone is too lazy to sort it out. - WTF I'm sorry but at times this kind of sloppiness just drives me crazy.
  • pnolandpnoland Posts: 36Member
    It just kind of sucks spending time on a nice (dark) splash screen and load it up for testing just to see it for all of 1 second then 3 seconds of bright white contrast before the game loads. I'm not saying its false advertising since you do get a custom screen but damn if it doesn't suck to find out it is a broken feature. All complaining aside I was thrilled that it took all of 10 minutes to get a game center learderboard integrated into my game. Going to try iads tonight in a lite the simplicity so far just not the borked splash screen. :/
  • entersimonentersimon Posts: 269Member
    I would imagine the GS team would look at this as an important feature to fix since it seems to be the main reason why people are buying the $500 Pro account. The idea is to be able to brand your games in a more professionally independent way. Having the splash screen go white for many seconds makes it look like you programmed something wrong.

    GS wouldn't leave their pro members hanging.

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  • QuinnZoneStudiosQuinnZoneStudios Posts: 452Member
    Yep, I first noticed it about six months ago. I mentioned it a few times to GS but nothing has come back about it. It probably keeps getting bumped down the list of priorities. I wouldn't mind so much but people are actually paying for this as a Pro feature.

    I see even the awesome game Spooky Hoofs suffers from this.

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil so I suggest sending in bug reports if you can.

    Here's hoping it finally gets fixed soon :o)

  • pixel_knightspixel_knights Posts: 50Member
    I was hoping this would get fixed pretty quickly too, I, like many others i'm sure raised a bug report for it so they are aware of it, and should be such a simple fix. It's one of the reasons people go pro, so to not have it working correctly is a bit amateurish.
  • peter1354peter1354 Posts: 7Member
    I want to go Pro as well, mainly to have a custom splash screen on my dark themed app. After reading this, I will put the Pro purchase on hold for now. :/
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