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2D/3D Asset Artist, Concept Artist, and Matte Painter - Looking For Work

Hey, guys! I'm a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design's game design BFA program, specializing in digital painting and character design. I can handle anything from 2D asset creation to basic animation; matte painting to professional-quality 3D character modeling/rigging. I know how to work with technical limitations and within aesthetic guidelines, and I am looking to break into the indie and mobile games market.

Please take a look at my portfolio blog, if you're looking to hire an artist:
And drop me a line at:
[email protected]

If you don't see something of a style that you're looking for, don't worry. I'm extremely versatile, and can work with you to achieve whatever look you're going for. I even have experience creating aesthetic bibles, my most recent work at an indie studio called New Zone Games in Savannah, GA, though unfortunately, my NDA is still preventing me from showing any of that work.

As for my technical skills, the software I'm proficient in are these:
Autodesk Maya
Adobe CS5 - Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc.
Pixologic ZBrush 4.0
Unreal Editor 3

And those things I'm familiar enough with to work with/around them:
3D Studio Max
Corel Painter
ActionScript 2, 3

I'm an avid artist and am really looking forward to bringing some projects to their full potential. Can't wait to hear from you!


  • LeonardDeveloperLeonardDeveloper Posts: 4,630Member
    DO you have a budget?
    or is this free work
  • DrGlickertDrGlickert Posts: 1,135Member
    LeonardDeveloper said:
    DO you have a budget?
    or is this free work

    From the looks of his art. I can't imagine it being free. Thats some pretty solid stuff there.
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    The good doctor is correct. I do work for a competitive wage, generally between $25 and $40 per hour, depending on the complexity of the project and the type of work I'll be doing, as will most any talented artist. That can sound like a lot to people, but I'm a fast worker, and if I quote you an amount, and it takes me longer due to my own fault, I won't charge extra.

    Let me know if you'd like a quote for a project you have in mind. I'm really versatile, and would love to work with you to achieve your visual goals.
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Bump! FOR JUSTICE! (And paid work. lol)

    I've got about 20-30 more hours a month I would like to fill with work right now, so if anyone needs a skilled artist, who guarantees his work, and reports his income to the IRS correctly (because I'm not an amateur), meaning YOU can write it off of yours as a business expense (because hopefully you're no amateur either, lol), I'm here for you. Updates from my currents projects coming to my blog in the coming weeks.

    Thanks a lot guys! :D
  • soulistsoulist Posts: 24Member
    what is your current job?
  • chaleychaley Posts: 226Member, PRO
    Keep using Maya, man. ...We need more matte painters using that app. There are too many dudes using 3DSMax for matte painting out there. "Hold the line!" :)
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Hey, sorry. Gamesalad does a crap job letting me know when someone posts on my stuff. I'm working on two different mobile games right now. Once they ship, I'll be able to show off the work. But for now, you'll just have to trust me that they are awesome.

    And as far as Maya and Max go, I'm only partial to Maya because more people use it in more fields. It's what I preferred in school, and it's just what I've stuck with. They are both excellent software packages, and I can scoot around in either, just fine.
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Available, once again. Anybody looking for a professional to take their game to the next level, let me know.
  • ozboybrianozboybrian Posts: 2,102PRO
    I actually have a professional artist working with me now on a commission.
    Your work is nice though!

    If you'd ever wanna work on a project on a commission basis send me a PM.
    I have a game that's 90% complete. Just needs art.

  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Sent you a PM, OzBoyBrian
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Just updated my blog with new material from some projects due out soon! Hope you enjoy.

    A fresh link, for convenience:
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Bump. Finishing up another project for a great new developer in Brazil. I'm available for new projects. Hit me up, if you want your game to shine! :D
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
  • stevenc89stevenc89 Posts: 31Member
    Great stuff there!!!

    I might need your assistance in my upcoming project.
    Hopefully my Kiip build fund will be approved. XD
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Hey, drop me a message, if you're still interested, StevenC. I missed your post here.
  • jckmcgrawjckmcgraw Posts: 647Member

    Too bad I'm just an amateur. Your work is really amazing though.

    Good luck,
    Jack McGraw
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporePosts: 988Member
    edited May 2012
    Hi @ArtisticSliz
    I really wish to finish up this game of mine which has been left on the shelves due to lack of art :P
    Do you mind checking the video out and give me a quote on getting some basic interface GUI and monsters art(just need maybe 2 frames of attack images),some teeth mark or hit marks effects?
    Drop me a mail [email protected]
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Hey, you guys! One of the games I've worked on was just published yesterday. Go ahead and check it out. I did all of the UI elements, and some of the plants used in the backgrounds. Support our fellow developers, and let me know if you need someone to make your game beautiful! :D
  • GLGAMESGLGAMES SingaporePosts: 988Member
    @ArtisticSliz could you see if you could quote me a price for my project?
    Need interface and some 2D monster art(no action required), teeth /claw marks during attacks .
    appreciate it :P
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Hey, everyone. Looking for new projects to bring to life! Let me know if you need my services. :D
  • ArtisticSlizArtisticSliz Posts: 20Member
    Back on the prowl for work. Let me know if any of you need a talented artist for your projects. Available immediately!
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