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Is Tiling still broke with Resolution Indepence?

GloomkyGloomky Posts: 7Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Hi, im trying to make an infinite background for my game, on the ipad version, i have no problems; just take the image, make the actor twice the size of img, change horizontal wrap to tile, some rules inside, and everything work flawless.

When i go to my iphone version all this is not working as intended, i dont even have the image tiled, all the options in horizontal wrap (fixed, tile & stretch) just stretch...

I look for an answer on the forum, but all post about this are 1 year old, so i want to know, if there is still problems with tile and RI.

Looking for solutions in my head, maybe replicate will work, but after some minutes of this constant replicate, will destroy the game, right?

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