Avatar won't upload to profile page

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I did a couple searches and scanned the first two pages, and I don't see any other threads about this, so I'm going to pop my forums cherry with a small technical issue:

I'm trying to upload an image to my profile, and it will seem to upload just fine, but when I refresh the page it's gone back to the default GameSalad logo. I had the problem a few months ago when I made the account and I'm still having it now. I've tried to upload in both Chrome and Safari with the same result. Any idea what a solution might be?

Thanks in advance~


  • LumpAppsLumpApps Member Posts: 2,878
    I had to do it multiple times before it worked. Also don't forget to click on the green V when you have uploaded.

    Cheers, Ludwig
  • MangoSeltzerMangoSeltzer Member Posts: 2
    Thanks. It's worked now -- I was clicking the green tick mark before, so I don't know what changed, but I guess patience finally paid off!
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