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Cannot install gamesalad viewer

imissu2imissu2 Posts: 12Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
I use my 3G iphone (jailbreak) iOS 4.0.1(8A306).

I have registered as apple developer already.
I have my provisioning assigned.
I installed xcode today.
I opened gamesalad viewer and set name, Code siging Identity, change iOS deployment target to ios4.0

I ran the project,I build succeeded, but there's no any app installed in my iphone.

I restarted both iphone and my mac.
I checked in organizer devices, my iphone is there with green light, provision prosiled was set correctly.

There's no "use this device for developing" button as the other tutorial told.

I follow this tutorial >>

What should I do to fix it?


  • patrick6987patrick6987 Posts: 66Member
    hi just trying to help but did you do the keychain stuff like in the video "installing your apple certificates on your mac" the video before the installing the gamesalad viewer with xcode

    also when you run the gamesaladviewer.xcodeproj (to install the viewer)
    on the top left of the xcode interface between between run. stop and breakpoints there is a drop down menu make sure it is on your phone and not one of the simulators

    hope you get sorted out bud
  • imissu2imissu2 Posts: 12Member

    I did the keychain already.
    The selection it Gamesalad Viewer > my iphone
  • LumpAppsLumpApps Posts: 2,868Member
    Looking from your video: Xcode is set to device debug. Set it on debug release.
    (top left corner)
    Oops. See now that this is tshirtboots video.
    Good thing to check anyway.
  • imissu2imissu2 Posts: 12Member
    I checked that already too ,LudwigHeijden.
  • imissu2imissu2 Posts: 12Member
    Finally, I fixed it!!!! YEAH!!!!

    I read 100 pages find out what wrong I went.
    It's about armv6. I can't find armv6 in my architecture.
    The armv7 can't build for iphone 3G.

    So I press add (+) and type armv6 in the architecture.
    Test run and it's work!!!!

    This is so much confused how to get it done.
    I like OSX and Apple hardware, but I think for developer section need to have less confused.
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