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Game not recognized by game center (development)

rdcuberdcube Posts: 361Member
edited November -1 in Tech Support
Have any of you gotten this error when setting up GC?

I am setup in sandbox and my profile it's a unique one for the game.

I created the leaderboard on itunes grab the ID, set it up on GS and that's it.

I did this on two other games without any problem and/or *hiccup, but for some reason, this one always says that.

I had already deleted the behavior logic and added it back in.
I deleted the leaderboard on itunes and set a new one back in.

None of this has worked for me.

Any ideas?


* at beginning it allowed me to post to gc but after 0.98(2) issue, it no longer posts, but still submitted to apple :-/


  • rdcuberdcube Posts: 361Member
    Guess nobody has gotten this issue?
    Should I risk it and just submit as is and pray that it'll all work on production?
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