Game update now crashes on start-up after recompiling in Gamesalad 9.85 beta!

zapposhzapposh Member Posts: 65
edited November -1 in Tech Support
So my game came out a bit over two months ago, and I decided to make it free as to reach for players.
I first updated Gamesalad (I had missed 1 or 2 updates), activated iAds on my menu screen, regenerated the app and uploaded it to Apple for validation, as version 1.1.
IT NOW CRASHES ON START-UP! (iPhone 4 with iOS 5.01)

The first version was rock-solid, and now people from everywhere are contacting me saying they cannot get the update to start. I got it to work once, after rebooting iOS, and I noticed that in fact many things have changed. Timers seem to work differently as game timing has changed. Same goes for sounds, which are now "out of synch" or playing twice (?).

This is inadmissible and is destroying the excellent reviews I had. As you can see for iAds, I am a Pro user. I need a solution for this, very fast.


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