Behavior: "Move to" Sketchy Error (Images and Video Provided)

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So I am making a sliding menu with the stage size of 5120x800. How I have it set up is there are 4 screens each 1280 size in all main screen, settings screen, world screen, level select screen.


Each as its own boolean so I know what screen the user is on. If you are on the main menu screen mainMenu is true everything else is false.


When a boolean is triggered to true, the camera actor does a move to behavior to move to the center of the next screen. The problem is it will randomly just fly off the screen.

Code for Camera Actor:

Code for Buttons:

Detailed Video of Error:

(apparently embedded videos are a no no)

Thank you in advanced for putting up with me constantly :D


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    Solved the problem if anyone is attempting to replicate the style of menu I was using. Widening the space for the camera to follow the actor did the trick. Menu is fully functional and scrolling neatly!
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