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If I have long name on each files in Library, for example, "Actor_right_jump_005.png"
I can't see the the whole name of it in Library. How can I show it like "detail" view type in Window?

My second problem is: when I import sequence files of animation into the Library, it'll not be arranged by name and I have to drag one by one to reorder it.

Does it have anyway easier to solve it?


  • AnunnakiCreatorsAnunnakiCreators Member Posts: 54
    I would suggest shortening your file names, for your example file "ARJ005.png" Acronym for your file name. As far as I noticed with your second problem when I drag my files in it saves the order. It doesn't rearrange them. Import your files in the order that you want them animated in.

    (Which if you have the files named how you do and finder in alphabetical order wouldn't it be in order already?)
  • imissu2imissu2 Member Posts: 12
    Christopherraybeachum, Thank you for your suggestion.

    I selected all the files which were all well in alphabetical, but when I drag them into library, they changed their order by themself. (003,002,001,004,005,....)
  • AnunnakiCreatorsAnunnakiCreators Member Posts: 54
    It goes by which file is imported first, not any order that I can tell of. Try making sure that the files in finder (without sorting filters) are in the order you want them. Worst case scenario would be that you have to drag the files in one by one.
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