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All projects uploaded to latest viewer freeze

CreeperWareCreeperWare Posts: 43Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support
Hi all,

I am using the latest version of GS and viewer. I also deleted the old version from my iOS test device (3rd iTouch) and built the latest one to it using Xcode 4.2.1

Now every project I build to it has terrible issues. For instance, the projectiles in the "Official cross platform controller template" just stay in place when fired and any project with more than one scene refuses to switch scenes when appropriately triggered.

This occurs not just with personal projects, but with GS templates and new projects.

I don't know if this helps, but I also have an Android device that I am building to, so is the ADB messing with it somehow? Thanks in advance.


  • CreeperWareCreeperWare Posts: 43Member
    edited December 2011
    I tried removing the directory for ADB but it still has the issues. This doesn't happen on the viewer on Android (Android viewer has it's own myriad of issues...) which leads me to believe its an issue with the latest iOS viewer.

    This is insane. Neither the desktop viewer, iOS, or Android are working properly! GameSalad glitches and freezes if music is playing , iOS now has this issue, and Android runs at 15fps with audio delay! (On all the new dual core Android devices I have).

    I was getting ready to go pro and launch my new app but it seems like the developers couldn't be bothered to keep their software updated and functional.

    Regardless if the dev team is working hard on a solution, work on your communication Gendai! Stop parading around about how many platforms you support and focus on at least getting one right!

    I don't care if I have to spend $500 or $2000 or whatever on GameSalad Pro , so long as it means I would get a functional product.
  • CreeperWareCreeperWare Posts: 43Member
    Looks like updating to the latest version of iOS 5 fixed it. Sorry for the rant, it's finals week and I haven't slept much ._.
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