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Keyboard input followed by Save attribute dose not save

titostitos Posts: 41Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support
I put a Keyboard input followed by -Save attribute it did not not saved on the device.


  • WeswogWeswog Posts: 1,171Member
    Check this out it it might help, also subscribe if you haven't already thanks!

    Cheers, Weswog
  • jfoc2009jfoc2009 Posts: 12Member
    Hi there,
    In preview mode Save and Loading does not work. You have to test it on a device with GS viewer or publishing your game in adHoc.
    But, I'm facing the same issue with no answers until now. My save or load is not working. I have tried on GS Viewer and on a Published version with Dev Profile for my iOS device.
    I call Save and Load inside of a Rule to avoid overproccess. Debugging show the steps are corrects but I do not know why does not work (save or load).
    Some one could help ?
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