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Game Salad Viewer: no upload of game on ios device

trandzientrandzien Posts: 24Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support

I have reviewed a lot of tutorial about installing the viewer on Ipad. On my ipad when I build and run the gs viewer.xproj. I have the GS viewer opened with following msg:
Connected to wifi - Waiting for GameSalad Creator

Then I start GS creator, open my project, have the icon Preview on Ipad and select my device. I have the GS viewer with following message:
Connected - Compressing game assets
Connected - Loading Game

It seems that the connection with the GameSalad Creator does not work for the following reasons:
- Connected - Loading message is always displayed
- I try to created another project with a simple scene. It did not even loaded on my device

Additional info:
xcode: Version 4.0.2
Game Creator: V0.9.89
Game Viewer: V0.9.89

Thanks in advance


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