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Delete accounts - And corrupted accounts

RDRD Posts: 88Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support
Hello, I keep on forgetting my E-mail I use for Gamesalad, so I think i may have about 3 accounts - but I now have a proper legit account that i use all the time. But whenever i log in with the new E-mail and Password, in signs me in as "dantuma" - an older account I made - when I should be called "RD". If you try view my old account, the website says I don't exist. I'm pretty sure I exist. But GS never logs me in the right one, and I cant change the settings for the broken one, since It doesn't exist.
Broken account that GS logs me into
Unused account from ye older time
Proper account I want to log into


  • RDRD Posts: 88Member
    Problem solved, I managed to find the "contact support" button, sorry for the ignorance. :)
  • RDRD Posts: 88Member
    Ah thanks SSS! Everything is just as I wanted. Shot dude!
  • zkriessemecomzkriessemecom Posts: 1Member
    Sorry to totally hijack this thread but nowhere else to look. Someone registered this account with my email (UGH, had to fix passwords all over again, fort knoxed myself now) so can I request a deletion of this account?
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