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Problem Recycling an actor.

QorrelQorrel Posts: 22Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support
Hi all,

I have a problem with an actor that i need to recycle, So far i have set it up so when the actor goes below a certain point it Sets an scene variable to true. But i think when it goes to far down it no longer works. The actor gets called back into the scene by an spawn actor that when pressed loads the actor at Y=1100, x=touch.x ; any suggestions that could be stopping it form working? (Oh, and constraining it while under the point does not work)


  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    I would have 2 self attributes in the recycling actor


    In actor, change attributes of self.startx to self position x and same with the y values.

    Then when you need the actor to go offscreen, have a rule

    when actor (whatever the condition is)
    move self.positionY to -100

    Then when you want it back, have another rule

    when attribute game.bring_actor_back is true
    change self.positionX to self.startX and same with the y values.

    It is true that once its gone too far offscreen it will be destroyed and that actor is then gone forever so no recycling technique will work.

    Now depending on what rules you have in your actor you may need to tweak the above. For instance, if its something that just falls from the top of the screen to the bottom you would need to wrap your rules in a condition, lets say you had an actor that was just accelerating downwards, therefore, you wrap it in;

    When self.positionY is > that -100
    Accelerate down at 300 etc etc

    That way it will fall down but once it hits -100 (just off screen), it will stop accelerating and just sit there. The reset actor attribute is triggered, its position reset and because its now above -100 it will begin to accelerate down again ...

    Use that logic to apply to your actors and you should be fine :)

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