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How to Randomize animations speed/FPS???

waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
edited December 2011 in Tech Support
I want to create an animation with about 25 frames/images, and I want the speed/frames per second to be randomized.
is this possible???


  • LiquidGameworksLiquidGameworks Anchorage, AKPosts: 956Member, Sous Chef
    Hm... try this.
    Create an index game attribute
    Then, in your animating actor, have a list of "what ifs". So, If game att. =1, animate behavior 10fps. If game att. = 2, animate behavior 20fps, and so forth.
    Somewhere in your scene (maybe your animated actor), make a timer. Every 1 sec (or whatever) change game att. to random(1,whatever).
  • waymanharriswaymanharris Posts: 294Member
    aaahhh very creative method... I'll give that a try, I figured there were some complex ways of pulling this off, I just want the most efficient one.

    your idea is better then what I had in mind.
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