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What is the Best iPad graphic design app ?

SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
edited January 2012 in Off-Topic
I'm looking for a powerful tool like photoshop or illustrator on the iPad.

I' v seen the AppStore and googled but I got like a 20 results so anybody recommend an app.


  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    Any body !
  • beefy_clyrobeefy_clyro Posts: 5,390Member
    Patience is a virtue my friend. You left it an hour before bumping! Whats best is down to opinion, find one that allows you to do what you want, get it and take the time to learn it!
  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    @beefy, thanks

    Tha point is it's all above the 5 $ , and I just lost 10 $ on two apps , the first didn't do exactly as described , the second not really a user friendly , so I don't wanna waste more money before taking the forum opinion.

    What really I'm looking for is something very close to photoshop CS5
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    hi i first try artstudio amd i think is great, you can cut,copy ,paste and crop and select part of the images. but what i use the most now is inkpad, i use this to make vector images, once i
    learned how to use the pen function iam already creating menus for my game. i will post some examples later so you can see. search for inkpad on youtube.
  • guillefaceguilleface Posts: 997Member
    oh but the way with inkpad you cant crop or like edit size, what i do is transfer the inkpad project to a tablet or pc i have with photoshop and then i use photoshop to just edit images sizes. but then i guess this wont work since your looking for something that is not photoshop, but maybe you can try both artstudio and inkpad, still less expensive.
  • MotherHooseMotherHoose Posts: 2,456Member
    or you can email yourself any image from the devices and use free gfx programs on your desktop … like Inkscape, Seashore, Gimp, etc to do some editing/resize on them.

    most of the art programs listed in search: Draw or Paint : are free; Chalk is free.

    have about 8 Art apps … love ArtStudio! and really like InkPad for vector drawing.


  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    @Motherhoose , the point is i travel on a weekly bases and each flight is for like 2 hours , so basiclly i have like 6 to 7 hours in total so i wanna spent that time designing, thats why i want that tool.

    @guilleface , i was testing artstudio , sketchbook & iDraw since yesterday and i found artstudio & idraw is very helpful and i would recommend them.

  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    @RKS , look awesome , but it seems that ur good with drawing :) i found my self more with vectors and shaping
  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    @RKS , i wish adobe photoshop would do something for the iPad
  • SharkawyDevSharkawyDev Posts: 225Member
    @RKS , just saw both of them , bought touchretouch , thanks mate for giving attention :)
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