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Images occasionally look extremely distorted in the GS Viewer

T8TRG8TRT8TRG8TR Posts: 120Member
edited January 2012 in Tech Support
After getting the latest update for the GS viewer I've noticed that sometimes when I go to test the actor images get mixed up among the actors and become stretched and blurry. Colors also seem to get messed up. It's happened twice randomly. The first time I just restarted GS and it fixed itself, but I'm running into some more troubles with it that don't seem to be going a way as easily.

It's not a huge issue but I just wanted to mention it.


  • ultimaultima Posts: 1,207Member, PRO
    yes happens to me once a while but not often, when it does i'll just not save it and re-open and it'll fix itself... it did that in previous version as well.. what i did notice is more recent versions is when i import new images, say 10-20 at a time, it'll sometimes not show up and mess up the other actors.. again .. close and reopen solves the problem.
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