BUG caused by Constraining the x,y of one actor to another.....

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When I constrain the x,y position attributes for a non-movable actor (Movable box is un-checked under Physics), and I am constraining this actor's position to the position attributes of a moving actor (Movable box IS checked under Physics), the non-movable actor will follow along with the moving actor's position just fine in the scene, but it does not detect when it is overlapping/colliding with another actor when testing for that with a Rule. When I check the box to make the actor Movable, the Rule properly detects when it is overlapping/colliding with another actor.

For example, "Actor Hero" has Movable checked under Physics, and it moves around in the scene. "Actor Follow the Hero" has Movable UN-CHECKED under Physics, but it has Constrain behaviors that constrain it's x,y positions based on the x,y positions of the moving "Actor Hero", and it also contains a Rule behavior that tests for when "overlapping/colliding" with an actor of type "Solid Actor".

In the scene, the "Actor Hero" moves around the scene and the "Actor Follow the Hero" also moves around the scene by following the "Actor Hero's" position. But, even though the position of "Actor Follow the Hero" moves to positions where it is overlapping with actors of type "Solid Actor", the Rule behavior does not detect that "Actor Follow the Hero's" position is overlapping with a "Solid Actor".

When I check the Movable box for the "Actor Follow the Hero", this actor once again follows the position of the "Hero Actor", but now the Rule will properly detect when the position of "Actor Follow the Hero" overlaps with the position of a "Solid Actor". I would think that if the position of the actor can be changed, then it's Rule behaviors should be able to properly detect when it overlaps with other actors, regardless of the physics being set to Movable or not.

This is in GS version .990, not sure if it had this bug before this version or not.

I submitted this as a bug report, but I will also mention it here, so other developers can know about it. You can easily recreate this bug yourself.


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    Yep, it's a bug. I was hoping it would be fixed in the newest update but unfortunately not. I think the viewer is too slow to search through all "Actors of type" and it misses them. Try changing to checking for collision with "Actor with name" and also check they're in the same layer. Sorry I can't be of much help, I think we'll just have to hope this gets fixed.
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